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Unsure if your house paint job is up to the mark? These insights will help you decide!        

A fresh coat of paint can make your house inviting and welcoming. However, if the paint job is not done properly, it can quickly turn your dream home into a disaster home. To help you out, our experts spill the beans on how you can check for a quality painting job!

From the distance, a great painting job might not look too different from a mediocre one. But it is when you look closely you know what to look for, the difference is quite apparent. From the finish to the smoothness to the opacity of the colour- once you know what and where to look, quality (or the lack of it) will be clear to you!

The selection of the right paints and products are important to achieve the desired results. But even the most expensive paints can give disappointing results when not applied correctly. Hence, it is important to speak with a professional painting service for house painting work.

Painting on the wall

Here are some things to look out for when inspecting finished

home painting work:

    • Firstly, check the colour of the freshly painted walls. Verify if it is the same tint/colour you have chosen. Ensure that the colour scheme is followed to a T.

    • Check paint is applied evenly and is free from any spills and sags. Run your hands along the walls and check for any imperfections.

    • If you see any unevenness, brush marks or drips, speak to your painter immediately to get it rectified. (It is recommended to check for this in both natural, daylight and bright artificial light so as to get the idea of aesthetics in both types of lighting.)

    • A professional painter leaves no gaps between drywalls, switchboards and outlet covers. If there are any gaps left, get them fixed.

    • The colour of the paint should be consistent with no spills. Proper sanding and retouching of the surface are important for even surface coverage.

    • Observe the new paint closely to ensure the original/old paint does not appear through. If you notice the original paint showing through, request another coat of paint.

    • Make sure there is no bleeding of paint from the old layer to the new layer. Bleeding usually causes discolouration and ugly, patchy spots. To avoid bleeding, the wall should be primed properly and dark shade should not be covered with a light paint shade.

    • Check the edges of the walls and ensure the lines are sharp and straight. Uneven lines are a sign of imperfections in the workmanship.

    • Moisture in the walls is a major reason for the failure of the paint job. So, ensure that caulking is done to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls. Caulking window frames, doors, holes, trims and similar small areas protects the surface from environmental factors and protects from damage.

    • Check whether all defects such as cracks, peeling paint, nail holes have been repaired.

    • See that all stains and paint drips are cleaned from the floor, window glasses, switchboards etc.

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Our professional painters who work with us at Berger Express Painting are well skilled and equipped to take care of all the above parameters, ensuring a stunning finish for your home walls!

Reach out to our painting experts for a consultation. Contact Berger Express Painting service for a hassle-free, safe and on-time professional painting service. Simply SMS XP to 56767 or give us a call on our toll-free number 1800 103 6030.

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