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Wondering how much it would cost to paint your home safely? Read this blog to find out!

With people becoming more conscious about health and safety since the past couple of years owing to the pandemic, it is no surprise that when it comes to home improvement, they are looking for home painting services that not only guarantee quality but also safety.

If you are planning to get interior wall painting done and wondering how much it would cost to paint your home, this blog is for you.

Things that you need to keep in mind while deciding on your home painting project:

Check The State Of The Surface That Needs Paint


Understand that when you want to give your walls a new coat of paint, it is a different process from re-painting. Fresh walls need a lot of prep work and end up costing more.

Want to know how? Here you go –

Fresh painting requires 1-2coats (one coat = one layer) of putty, a coat of primer and at least 2-3 coats of paint.

Repainting needs minimal putty for touch-up, a coat of primer, 1-2 layers of paint.

Measure The Area To Be Painted

The area is measured in square feet. Multiply the width with the height of the wall. However, do note that you need to subtract the area of the walls, doors and windows which you do not wish to consider for painting. This will be arrived at by multiplying the length and breadth of the door or window.

With Berger’s Paint Calculator, you can calculate the area to be painted and get an estimate of the required amount of paint for your walls. A handy calculator with simple inputs! Give it a try: Click here.

Choose Health-Friendly Paints

There are different types of paint available in the market today, right from latex, natural to oil.

Paints with high VOCs can have side effects like nausea, headache and respiratory issues such as cough and sneezes. Opt for safe home wall paints that are health-friendly with low VOCs for safe results.

Girl with Allergies

Berger Paints India has Green Pro Certification by CII-IGBC. The products are manufactured taking into consideration the stringent VOC limits along with other environmental guidelines as per the industry.

Ensure Furniture And Floor Protection

Protecting the furniture and floor should always be one of the first steps to take when prepping a room for home painting. It is essential to clear all the big furniture from the area you want to paint so that no damage is caused by paint spillage. It is equally important to cover the floor with drop cloths so that they remain protected during the process of home painting.

When you choose a professional painting service like Berger Express Painting, the team will use Furniture and Floor Covers to protect the surface including furniture moving as well. No back-breaking preps to be done by you!

That is not all – We completely disinfect the site and frequently-touched surfaces once painting is over!

Maximise Ventilation

Open Windows for Ventilation

Even when you are using the healthiest paints, make sure to have proper ventilation as fumes released in the process of wall painting can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies. 


Hire a professional painting service who can measure your space, provide you with an accurate quotation so that you know the interior painting cost, who can help you pick the right wall paints and also take care of post-painting clean-up, making sure that the end result is completed professionally, on time, and most importantly, safely!

Want to know more about the cost to paint interior room and how to save on home painting costs? Read our previously-written blog: Click here.

Berger Express Painting Services

Berger Express Painting is your safest bet when it comes to a safe and stress-free home painting experience without budget shocks!

You can send us an SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or give us a ring on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

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