Safe Home Painting

There are several painting services out there that can offer you a decent enough paint job. But that’s not what you want, do you? You want your house to have a beautiful and colourful vibe; you want it to stand out and speak volumes about you as a person. That’s why we at Berger Paints have come up with our Berger Express Painting services. Designed specially to cater to your needs, our home painting and waterproofing solutions strive to give you a house as unique as your personality.

In this endeavour of ours, we have successfully managed to amalgamate science and art! Here’s how:


With our special formulations and implementation of pathbreaking paint technologies, we offer you vibrant emulsions that make your home look brand new for years to come.

For example, our WeatherCoat Long Life 10 is a luxury exterior emulsion designed using PU & Silicon technology. It comes with a 10-year performance warranty and was especially designed for areas that face torrential monsoons. Another example of our scientific approach to creating wall paints is Berger Easy Clean. It is a luxury interior emulsion that is made using Cross-Linking Polymers. These ensure that stains, even stubborn ones, can be wiped off easily from the walls. It is the best option for parents who have little artists at home!

We are not just a wall painting company. We provide complete solutions and this includes your wooden furniture and fixtures as well. Our wood coating products, such as the Imperia Breathe Easy, are non-toxic and prevent fungal and algal growth along with getting rid of 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. In fact, Imperia Breathe Easy is low on Volatile Organic Compounds, which makes it safe for you as well as the environment.

We also provide scientific waterproofing services. With a tagline of ‘no gyaan, only vigyaan’ it is easy to see why lakhs of people have trusted us with solving their water seepage problems. Using Moisture Metres, our Berger Express Painting executives check the dampness of your walls and recommend holistic waterproofing solutions accordingly. For your interior water seepage woes, we have formulated the HOMESHIELD DAMPSTOP. It is a polymer modified cement-based product that provides a robust waterproof coating over a surface. The flexible re-dispersible polymers present within the product automatically transform into solid Nano Crystals when they come in contact with moisture. This action results in blockage of pores, thus leading to a solid waterproofing solution


Now that you have seen how we implement science and technology into our products, it is time to see how we let your artistic imagination run wild!

With a wide variety of shades and types of paints in our kitty, we help you with the makeover of your home. Thinking of painting a single accent wall in a glorious hue? We have Berger Silk BreatheEasy for that. Want to give your walls a textured finish? Our Berger Silk Illusions can help you with that. Coming in Marble finishes, Metallic finishes, Vintage finishes and Non-metallic finishes, Berger Silk Illusions can transform your home into a contemporary sanctuary.

We also have the Berger iPaint spray paint. Coming in aerosol cans, this is a DIY enamel paint that has a glossy finish and can be used on surfaces such as wood and metal. You can opt for the iPaint DIY wall stencil kit which goes perfectly with the iPaint spray paint. There are several designs available under the stencil kit – Diya, Birdie, Bells, Feather and Flora. Pick one (or more!) and paint mesmerizing designs on your walls.

You can find stencils under our Berger Silk Designzz category as well. From Palm leaf and Foliage patterns to Origami and Beehive designs, these stencils are made for people with a creative personality.

Are you thinking of using a unique colour combination but unsure of how it will ultimately look on your walls? Worry not! Berger’s Shade Genius tool was developed to help you with your paint colour selection dilemma. Created with advice and inputs from paint industry veterans, Interior Designers and Architects, the tool lets you virtually visualize your choice of shades and colour combinations, on interior as well as exterior surfaces. 

Now that you know how Berger Express Painting is a painting service where science meets art, are you feeling inspired enough to get your walls painted in striking hues and dazzling textures? Go ahead, book a consultation with us through the Berger Express Painting app. Don’t let the pandemic stop you, because we follow all the safety and hygiene protocols to the tee. From ensuring zero contact payment to guaranteeing that our painters wear masks and gloves while on the job, we go to extreme lengths to safeguard your health and that of your loved ones.

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