New year, new you? But what about your home? These surprising benefits of house interior painting will convince you to get your home painted in the New Year!

Our homes are the places we tend to spend most of our time. It is our safe zone where we feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace with ourselves. Hence, this is a place we must invest in and keep in the best condition.

It is believed that the appearance of one’s home is a reflection of one’s inner state, the more clean and comfortable your home, the more happy and relaxed you feel inside. On the other hand, an untidy and messy home can make you feel more tired and chaotic. So, if your home has been waiting for an upgrade, now is certainly the right time to make some changes to welcome the New Year- it is a great reason to refresh your home and add more colours.

Painting the house can be one of the cheapest but extremely important investments. This is because colours add character and uniqueness to your home. They can also have a powerful impact on the whole vibe of the house and its inhabitants. If you’re thinking of home painting, these reasons will inspire you to take on this project soon:

Reason 1: Sets The Right Tone For The New Year

Sometimes changing the colours of your home can also change your outlook on your home and living environment. In some countries, it is a tradition for people to paint their homes before the New Year because they believe it invites good vibes into their homes and lives.

Reason 2: Promotes Positivity

Happy colours are bright, warm colours like yellow, pink, orange and red. Pastel hues like light pink, lilac, mint green and lemon yellow can have an uplifting effect on your mood. The brighter the colour, the more happy and cheerful it will make you feel! If you’re looking for colour inspiration, green, yellow, blue and lilac colour schemes are popular Vastu Shastra colours for living room since they invoke joy and happiness.

Reason 3: Enhances Aesthetics

When you first moved into your house, you may have had different tastes or you may have hated the colour of your home from the beginning. Or you simply are bored with the same old colours and craving a change. Do not neglect the aesthetic value that house painting can bring. Whether you are painting the master bedroom, kitchen, guest room or living area, new paint will make your space look and feel better.

Reason 4: Gives Extra Protection

When was the last time you had your home walls painted? Think of all the wear and tear your home’s surfaces have endured throughout the year. Dust, dirt and grime, hand and furniture marks, daily wear and tear, rain and sunlight- your walls go through a lot.

House interior painting is not only about promoting aesthetics but also adding an extra layer of protection. Using high-quality paints will slow down the wear and tear process and protect your walls from extreme weather conditions.

Reason 5: You Can Choose New Trends

With the New Year comes new colour trends. If you’re looking for best interior colour combinations for Indian homes, warm neutrals and earth tones continue to rule the charts as they inspire us to slow down in our homes and seek more comfort and clarity in our daily lives. On the other side of the colour wheel, bold and bright shades urge us to incorporate more joy into our routines. Painting your home around this time of the year gives you the perfect opportunity to add some new trends to your living space.

Reason 6: Keeps Moisture Out

Before painting your house, a professional painting service will evaluate the condition of your home walls using a moisture meter and suggest ways to keep moisture out of your home walls. This will help in the prevention of moisture damage, wood rot and other problems arising due to weather changes. Apart from keeping the moisture out, quality paint can also help repel dust, dirt and allergens.

Reason 7: Repairs Damage

A professional painting service will also identify issues in your home walls that usually go unnoticed. An array of damages including stains, mould, mildew, rotting wood caused by weakened paint etc. can be revealed when you work with a professional to repaint your home.

Reason 8: Improves Indoor Air Quality

Since you spend more time in your home than anywhere else, making healthy choices really matters. Using low VOC interior wall paints reduces fumes and odour and improves indoor air quality.

Reason 9: Inexpensive Remodelling

Does your home need a fresh new look? In this economy, homeowners are finding cost-effective ways to refresh their homes and living environment and house painting tops the list of budget makeovers!

Reason 10: Increases The Resale Value Of The House

It is worthwhile picking up the painting colours mindfully, some hues can help you capitalise on this investment. For example, a survey by Zillow suggests that using blue paint can increase the value of your home by at least $5,000 or roughly Rs. 4,08,241.

Bring Home The Easy Painting Experience With Berger Express Painting

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  1. Afton Jackson says: October 17, 2023 at 6:40 am

    Using new paint to keep moisture out could really be something that my house would need soon. I feel like it will be a lot tougher to keep this place safe from the moist fall and winter weather if we don’t update the paint we’re using. I’ll get that done properly by hiring an exterior painting expert for some new coat applications.

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