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Colour Horoscope

Colour Horoscope

Discover the secret to making Colour Horoscope work for you. Read this guide by Berger Paints to get the complete knowledge of the range of colours to help you make the most of it. Find out lucky colours for today!

Colour horoscope is a personalised way to work with chromotherapy. Each sign and planet's location and birth time in a person's natal chart has distinct meanings because each sign and planet is linked to a particular colour.

Each zodiac sign corresponds, following mythological theories, to a certain colour in the visible light spectrum. Additionally, each zodiac sign connects to an animal, a constellation, an element (air, earth, fire, and water), and a colour. Everything is connected.

Our Tool - Today’s Lucky Color - Find Out Lucky Colour for Today

Colours have an energy of their own, and some colours can bring out a quality in you that makes you truly shine. In addition to many other things, they can amplify strength, calm restless energy, and boost confidence. Continue reading to find out which colour brings out the strongest qualities in your zodiac sign!

Select your birthday month and date, or put your Rashi/zodiac sign to see the lucky colour for today, the lucky colour for tomorrow, and the zodiac sign colours/the lucky colour for the horoscope.

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Lucky for Today according to Rashi/Zodiac sign - for Home Interiors and Exteriors.

Each planet has a distinctive colour, and this colour strongly influences everyone's mentality. Because a distinct planet rules each zodiac sign, each sign has a unique set of favourable and unfavourable colours. The lucky colour according to Rashi and zodiac signs are listed below:

Aries: The colour red is lucky for you. This colour symbolises your personality's vitality, ferocity, and purity. Colours like white and yellow are also said to be lucky for you, in addition to the blazing red. So red, white and yellow are the daily lucky colours for you.

Taurus: In all facets of your life, pink and white are incredibly lucky for you, particularly in money. The colour green is lucky for you since it represents wealth and elegance.

Gemini: Light yellow and green are considered to be your favoured colours. This is supposed to enhance your life's positivity and prosperity. Additionally, pink and white are good choices for you because they symbolise luck.

Cancer: White, grey, silver, and cream are calming, soothing colours perfect for your sensitive soul. These speak to your kind and charming attitude and show off how warm, secure, and supporting you are as a person.

Leo: Given that the sun rules and affects your sign, colours like fiery orange, royal purple, and gold mirror your bold nature. These colours help you express your brilliant self and further accentuate your appearance in public.

Virgo: Given that you are an earth element and a dual nature sign, colours like blue, green, yellow, and white are lucky for you. These colours further emphasise your calm demeanour and may bring luck to your intimate relationships.

Libra: Bright colours are a good choice for you because they might be extremely lucky. You should use cheery colours like white and light blue because they align well with your personality.

Scorpio: All shades of brown, white, and red are considered lucky colours for you. It is stated that doing this will give your life purpose and direction. In addition, the colours orange and yellow are excellent for personal and professional relationships.

Sagittarius: Dark yellow and orange are lucky colours for you since they encourage impulsive behaviour and wit. Lucky colours that are thought to shield you from negative implications around you are icy blue and turquoise. So dark yellow and orange are the daily lucky colours for you.

Capricorn: Because they are so successful for your career and business, you should choose the lucky colours of black, purple, dark brown, and green. These colours will help you succeed financially and can also improve your personality.

Aquarius: Bright colours like light blue, purple, and white work best for you as the eccentric and entertaining sign. These are not only advantageous, but they also give you the inspiration you need to be creative. These colours truly capture who you are.

Pisces: You are a dual-nature sign with the fire element, and yellow and orange are considered lucky colours for you. Pink is also very lucky for you since it gives you the inspiration and understanding you need to excel in your relationships and at business.


How to find the lucky colour?

To find your daily lucky colour, select your birthday month and date, and then find your Rashi/ zodiac sign. According to your Rashi/zodiac sign, you can easily find your daily lucky colour for tomorrow and lucky colour for the month. Get Inspired and find your lucky colour from the Colour Catalogue now.

Colour therapy, chromotherapy, or phototherapy are modern but age-old concepts. This type of supplementary medicine uses visible light to treat ailments. Red, green, and blue, as well as these colours' mixtures in varying proportions, are used to create electric impulses that trigger biochemical reactions inside the human body. Colour therapy corrects these vibrational imbalances through the vibration of the colours used in therapy, which results in the healing of the illness. Discover your lucky colour based on your Rashi/zodiac sign and incorporate it into your life by painting your room.

In Vedic astrology, there are mainly nine planets. The Moon represents the mind; Mercury signifies logic and intellect. Jupiter is for maturity and wisdom. Thus if the planets mentioned earlier are afflicted in horoscopes, your mental health may be impacted. Thus horoscope lucky colour or lucky colour for today according to Rashi or zodiac sign colours might play an important role in your daily life.

Your home is your haven. Because of this, it must be decorated to highlight your personality and spirit. According to your astrological sign, there are colours that can help you find calm, energy, and happiness in your life. Before painting your bedroom, find a suitable or lucky colour according to the Rashi/zodiac sign.

It is crucial to determine whether you and your future spouse or partner are compatible enough to have a happy marriage before deciding to get married. While there are many other ways that the two of you could get along, one certain approach to predict your compatibility is via zodiac signs. There are 12 zodiac signs, and according to the horoscope, suitable couples can be found easily. Always keep in mind that finding a partner or getting married to someone who has your sign will make your love life much more fulfilling

Disclaimer: The colour horoscope prediction on our site is predictive and informative in nature. Please note that astrology is an expansive area of study and does not guarantee 100% accuracy. We strongly advice you to apply on your discretion.