Tips to Enjoy a Safe Diwali

Use a close box to store your fireworks and keep them fresh.

Keep your fire crackers away from sources of inflammable objects and sources; also keep them away from children.

When playing with crackers, always choose an open space, like a compound or playground.

Stay at an arm's length away when lighting your fire crackers.

Always keep a first aid kit ready nearby to meet any emergencies.

Don't allow children to play with crackers on their own, keep an adult
nearby to supervise.

If a cracker does not light up, do not touch it – light a new one.

Don't ever try to light a cracker in your hands, light it on the ground at
an arm's distance.

Don't wear any loose flowing or easily flammable materials, well-fitting cotton clothing is advised.

Don't burst fire crackers on a road as it could cause road accidents or casualties to innocent passersby.