Diwalipanti - Know Your Crackers

Know Your

Cone/Anaar/Flower Pot

These crackers enhance the visual element of fireworks without the noise and sound. The cracker emits stunning colours like a fountain and is breathtakingly gorgeous to experience.


These crackers when lit emit a loud shotgun like sound, thus the name. Their distinct sound makes them one of the most commonly used crackers.

One Sound Cracker

One Sound Crackers are another staple of the nation! These crackers are popular for their mid-ranged popping cracker sound and are commonly used.

Atom Bomb

These crackers are a staple during any major festival in India! They emit a loud ear-splitting exploding sound with a flash of light and are reminiscent of a bomb, hence their name.

Chakras/Spinning Wheels

These crackers are placed on the ground and then lit. They rotate in a circular motion emitting colourful sparks producing a spiral special effect.


Another favourite for the fun-lovers! When lit, a rocket shoots up into the air with a loud bang and a trail of sparkles which explode into colourful glittering patterns.


One of the favourites of children as they are safe and a beautiful sight to behold. Sparklers are handheld and when they are lit, they produce colourful sparks.