Fun Diwali Tips

The core of any festival is sharing and spreading love and happiness. Celebrate the real spirit of Diwali by distributing food, sweets or other necessities among the lesser privileged.

Here's a unique way to begin your Diwali celebrations! Send out creative Diwali invites to your friends and family!

Diwali is the best time to indulge in some games with your loved ones, so try a a variety of fun games like card games, passing the parcel, musical chairs, etc.

Arrange fire crackers in a way that enhances the visual quotient in an innovative manner! A good cracker type to try this with the Flower Pot Fire Cracker!

This Diwali, make your young ones participate in the preparations. The best way to engage them is to encourage them to paint their own 'Diyas'!

Take your Diwali fun to the next level by having a theme based party!

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without sweets! Add a twist of fusion by infusing these sweets with the delectable flavour of chocolate!