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Protective Coating

Protection Overview

Berger Protecton

Berger Protecton is a protective coating range of products from Berger, the leaders in high performance protective coatings in India for over 45 years. It caters to different environmental and industrial corrosion protective requirements, be it concrete or steel substrates with products that have attained instant recognition, worldwide, and continues to meet quality requirements that are demanded even today in the domestic high performance coatings market. All our clients recognize Berger as a quality vendor and we have in place ISO 9001 & ISO14001 systems of quality governance.

Protecton Research and Development

The Protecton Research and Development department has a sound base of parent Berger paints, UK formulation; access to current global technology, which is established through Valspar – USA, Orica – Australia; apart from this, the continuous in-house research caters to the industrial challenges of corrosion with high performance protective coating formulations.

Protecton Range of Coatings

Berger Protecton Range of Coatings include Chlororubber, Epoxies, Inorganic Zincs, Polyurethane, Poly-siloxanes, High temperature resistant coatings, Anti-carbonation coatings, Road marking, Airfield marking, Concrete coatings, Rebar coatings, Floor coatings, Green Coatings, and has proven technology and field testimonials to relay the expertise offered to protect Indian Industries and Infrastructure installations.

Protecton Consultancy

Protecton Consultancy adds value to user industries and to engineering consultants by being involved, from the stage of project conception to the installation stage; offering the right painting specifications to ensure durability and also aid in following good painting practices to authenticate protection as offered against the different conditions, and to varying severity of corrosion. The Protecton Consultant also extends value-added service during the maintenance stage by conducting corrosion audits and helps in upgrading the painting system by conducting workshops to introduce good painting practices. High-qualified and certified inspectors from NACE and SSPC are available to extend technical assistance in installing protective coatings.

Protecton Reception

Protecton is well patronized by both, our clients and consultants, and has been widely used in a lot of industrial infrastructure, be it the nuclear/thermal/gas/hydro/wind based, the Power Industry, Gas and Oil based industries, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer industries, Metallurgy industries, Ports, Sugar mills, Paper & Pulp Industries, Stadiums, Railways, Roads and Bridges, all of which are prestigious to the country by offering protection in severe polluting environments in aggressive industrial and in marine atmospheres. Berger has been a preferred choice for their range of Protecton products, and the speed at which it can adapt to newer technology and deliver to the urgent demands of its customers.

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