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Advanced Latex Plus

Advanced Latex Plus

Premium SBR based polymer for repair & waterproofing

Advanced Latex Plus is Styrene‐Butadiene Latex based liquid for high performance waterproofing & multi– purpose repair work.

Areas of Application

  • As waterproof repair plaster
  • As bond coating – Concrete to concrete, plaster to plaster & over brickwork
  • As crack repair – Plaster cracks around or more than 5 mm, in gaps between RCC structures & masonry
  • As coating for Corrosion Prevention of rebars.

Method of Application

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned from all kind of laitance, oils, grease etc.
  • Mechanical means such as shot blasting, wire brushing can be used followed by vacuum cleaning of all loose materials.
  • Make sure that the surface is damp but touch dry – before application.


  • 3–5 days with wet cloth or water spray.

Usage Precautions

  • Do not dilute beyond recommendation
  • To be applied over damp substrate but in a tack free condition
  • Waterproof coats with Advanced Latex Plus must be protected with palsters/screeds
  • Not recommended for use in very critical concrete repairs While applying as a bond coat,
  • if it becomes dry, re–apply to reach a tacky state for overlaying of concrete/mortar.
Application Areas Mix Ratio Advanced Latex Plus : Water : (Cement) Application Method
As Waterproofing Slurry:
Residential water tanks | Terraces | DPC | Chajjas | Bathrooms

As Bond Coat:
Concrete to concrete | Plaster to plaster | For plaster over brickwork
1 : 4 : (6 to 8) As Waterproofing Slurry:

Brush apply the 1st coat | While 1st coat is dry, apply 2nd coat (generally give 4–6 hrs between 2 coats) | Overlay the 2nd coat with screed/plaster for finish/protection.

As Bond Coat:

Brush apply the 1st coat | When the coat is tacky, apply the concrete/plaster as per requirement | Do not add liquid ( Advanced Latex Plus : Water = 1 : 4) to the dry cement | Mix 1 kg. of Advanced Latex Plus with pr-measured water for 50 kgs. of cement | Use this mix to add to the recommended dry plaster mix | Plaster mixes to be made as per the requirement | Keep water:cement ratio as per the requirement, but not more than 0.45.
As Waterproof  Repair Plaster

As Crack Repair Plaster: 
Plaster cracks around or more than 5 mm | In gaps between RCC structures & masonry
1 : 4 to 6  : (As required) For Waterproof Repair Plaster:

For better application apply a bond coat with Advanced Latex Plus as suggested earlier | 2nd/final layer of plaster must not be mixed with the Advanced Latex Plus | Add Cementmix Plus to the second coat plaster | Scratch the 1st coat surface for effective bond with the 2nd coat.

For Crack Repair:

Clean the cracked area properly from all loose impurities | Wet the crack completely with water | Apply a single bond coat made as per the mixing ratio mentioned earlier | Prepare the crack repair plaster as per the ratio mentioned along side | Fill the crack with the above prepared mortar | Compact it into the crack fully & finish to level with trowel.
As Coating for Corrosion Prevention of rebars 1 : 4 : (7) Rusted rebars must be thoroughly worn out, mechanically | Brush apply a single coat of prepared mix over the rebars | Apply concrete/mortar when the coat is tacky.
For Efflorescence-free Plaster 1 : 4 : (7) Brush apply the 1st coat on brick | Apply 2nd coat after 1st one is dry | Apply plaster when the 2nd coat is tacky.

Packs Available

500 g., 1 kg., 5 kgs., 20 kgs.


75 - 85 ft2/kg for 2 coats with a proportion mix 1 : 4 : 7 (Advanced Latex Plus : Water : Cement).


Construction chemicals for wet areas like swimming pools, water tanks, etc. should prevent water infiltration

Ideal construction chemicals should reduce heat build-up effectively in addition to sound waterproofing and damp-proofing

The perfect construction chemicals in regards of paints are the ones that reflect Visible Radiation and Infrared Rays

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