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Imperia Breathe Easy

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Imperia Breathe Easy is a low VOC, non-toxic, antimicrobial water-based wood coating product that imparts a rich and natural finish to your woodwork. The category offers tailor-made products for your furniture, exterior woodwork and interior wooden floors. It comes in clear, stained and pigmented varieties.

Manufactured with Superior German Technology, the product can be applied both on new as well as old surfaces and infuses new life into the wooden unit, making it look beautiful.

Imperia Breathe Easy Wood Paint | Berger Paints Imperia Breathe Easy
Imperia Breathe Easy

One Product, Many Benefits

  • Aesthetics


    Imparts a rich natural finish to both new and aged wood. The product renders a rich satin gloss or beautiful natural matt finish to the wood.

  • Aesthetics

    Ease of Use

    The product can be applied by brush or roller; does not need an air-assisted spray/compressor arrangement thereby any good painter can apply it, it does not need a polisher.

  • Perfect for Heritage Furniture

    Perfect for Heritage Furniture

    Heritage furniture can be overcoated after light sanding; does not need stripping of old polish.

  • Imported Technology

    Imported Technology

    Manufactured with world-leading German water-based technology.

  • Cost Advantage

    Cost Advantage

    A big cost saver for professional users who save on the cost of thinner and air-assisted spray/compressor arrangement hire; suffer lower wastage due to zero misting; lesser masking needed; so you can get the job done using fewer products.

  • Healthier


    Anti-microbial properties that kill 99.9% of germs and prevent algal/fungal growth, low VOC, non-toxic, no odour, no fumes, no eye irritation, no breathing difficulty. Especially important for projects like hotels and offices that need to occupy painted rooms immediately.

  • Green Product

    Green Product

    Preferred by Architects and Interior Designers because of its green qualities. Breathe Easy is Low VOC, Water-based, Anti-microbial and Non-toxic with No Odour.

  • No Mess.
    No Odour.
    Only Beauty.


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Berger Imperia Breathe Easy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Imperia Breathe Easy is a low VOC, antimicrobial, non-toxic water based wood coating product that imparts a rich and natural finish. It is manufactured with Superior German Technology that makes it a truly durable product for your interior and exterior woodwork.

It can be applied on all kinds of wooden surfaces or veneer or MDF. On MDF, opaque finishes of Imperia Breathe Easy can be applied.

Yes, it can be applied with brush and roller both.

Clear, bright transparent colours like teak, mahogany, walnut, pine and white. In addition to this, clear interiors can be tinted with Berger Emulsion colourants to obtain different opaque shades.

Depends largely on the substrate applied and how it is maintained.

Water based product with no smell – hence can be applied in a room with inmates staying inside with zero issues of smell and eye irritation.

Very easy to apply.

Interior varieties are ideal for repolishing or repainting with zero compatibility issues. You need not have to scrap the previous coating, simply do minor touch-ups and apply. Gives a rich finish.

Labour component is lesser since the application is with brush and roller. The material requirement is less since it is applied by brush and roller. Material loss is prevented which is as high as 30% if applied by a spray gun (normally used for luxury solvent based products). Thinner cost is also not involved here which is required in case of solvent based products.

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