Feng Shui For September 2022

Green Walls Living Room

Feng Shui Colours To Attract Wealth

Yellow Living Room

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of altering the energy in a space through the conscious arrangement of objects and colours.

Colours in Feng Shui are believed to play a key role in welcoming good fortune into lives. If you are looking to revamp an existing living space or decorate a new house, here are some wealth cures using feng shui money colors.


Rich, deep shades of purple can lend a royal look to your home. The colour is a symbol of royalty and wealth. You can go for accent purple colours for the money corner - the southeast and the north.


Green is a dominant colour for the south-east bagua area. The colour is a representation of abundance, growth and balance. Picking accent colours of green will not just lend freshness of nature into the interiors but also attract wealth. You can choose from various shades of green - from bold emeralds to chic limes.


The colour gold has traditionally been a symbol of luxury, success and power. As per Feng Shui, the energy of gold in the house invites wealth. Whether it is with décor pieces or furniture finishes, there are many ways you can mix gold in your home interiors. The right directions where you could play with golden colours are west, southeast and north.


Red is believed to bring strong energies and activate the luck factor. It is an excellent choice for fabrics, say for the rugs and drapes in the living room. You can paint your home’s main door a brilliant shade of red to welcome positive energy.

These are some Feng Shui wealth bringers that can bring the desired effect in your life.

By incorporating even just a couple of these Feng Shui colour tips, you may notice a difference in your financial state. Hope you find this article handy!


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Reiki For September 2022

White Blue Bedroom Design

Reiki Tips For Your Bedroom!

Green Walls Bedroom

Reiki is over a century-old process that is believed to balance your body and energies. Reiki believers and practitioners swear by the power of Reiki. Start reading to find out how you can use spiritual healing room ideas to make your bedroom a calming retreat!

Wall Colours

It is recommended that you go for soothing hues on the walls instead of bright ones. If you are surrounded by striking, bold colours in your bedroom, you are most likely to wake up grumpy and feeling uneasy.

Choose shades like green, coral, blue, violet or lavender that tend to be soothing to the eyes and are believed to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Bed linens

You can transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis by changing the bed linen to something more subtle and neutral.

If you have trouble falling asleep or feel anxious, opt for beige or cream shades for your bed linens and see a positive shift in your energy.

Proper lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in setting our mood. As the day ends, turn to soft lightning so that your eyes can start to relax and rest. Use table lamps and sconces to create a peaceful energy in your bedroom.


You may be surprised to find out that fresh flowers should not be displayed in the bedroom as it is observed to take away oxygen which one essentially needs during the sleep cycle.

Instead, it is advised that you burn essential oils or light a single candle to help create a soothing environment.

You can choose scents like peppermint, sandalwood, ylang-ylang or lavender to relax after a long and tiring day. However, make sure you avoid orange, lemon or grapefruit scents before bed as they can end up energising you instead of calming your senses.

Hope you find these Reiki ideas help to create a positive sanctuary in your bedroom!


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Vaastu For September 2022

Colourful Painted Aprtment

Vaastu Colours for Home Exteriors!

Yellow Exterior Wall Paint

It is rightly quoted, “the first impression is the last impression”. The exterior of the house lays the first impression on the visitor and the occupants as well.

As much as the interior of the house is essential, the exterior also has equal significance. The exterior of the house cannot be left ignored while designing and in the construction phase.

As per the Vaastu principles, wall colour therapy plays a major role in balancing our body, mind, and soul, reducing anxiety and negative energy. Colours on the exterior walls have a powerful impact on people. It can uplift the mood or even make one feel depressed.

Our experts advise choosing colours as per the energy requirement of each location of your house. The colour you pick for a particular area of your home depends on the direction and rooms.

If you wish to attract positive vibes into your home, then there are exterior wall paint colour according to Vastu that should be taken into consideration.

As per Vaastu, while choosing an exterior colour, light blue is a good option for the North-East side of the house.

In the East, you can go for white or a light blue shade.

South should be painted with yellow colour.

For the south-east, you can go with hues like orange, pink, and silver.

Light brown or peach can be incorporated on the walls in the south-west direction.

Green or pista green is an excellent choice for the north of the house.

In the north-west area, white, light grey and cream are great choices.

Vaastu principles, when applied to the exterior of the house, make the place a happy abode for the entire family. Therefore, always follow Vaastu tips for exterior paints and designs to make your house like heaven. Choosing colour wisely can benefit you a lot in maintaining positivity and eliminating bad omens as per Vaastu colours for the home exterior.

We hope that you live a comfortable, healthy and prosperous life with your loved ones in a living space that is Vaastu compliant.


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