Which Berger Easy Clean stencils suit you?

white and brown living room decor and walls

If your walls are looking plain drab and you are itching to transform the look of the space, Berger Easy Clean Wall Stencils are perfect. Available in different prints that suit every personality, there is plenty for you to choose from.

Take this quick quiz to find out which stencils suits your personality the most and give your blank-canvas a makeover that is all about YOU!

What is your favourite thing about your room?
  • A) Natural light
  • B) The view outside
  • C) The aesthetics
What is the vibe of your room?
  • A) Classic
  • B) Boho-chic
  • C) Eccentric
Pick an adjective that fits you the best
  • A) Easy-going
  • B) Creative
  • C) Adventurous
What do you spend most of your weekends doing?
  • A) Sleeping
  • B) Reading
  • C) Exploring
Where would be your dream vacation?
  • A) Paris
  • B) Barcelona
  • C) South Africa
What is your dream job?
  • A) Consultant
  • B) Graphic Designer
  • C) Travel Blogger
Which app do you use the most?
  • A) Twitter
  • B) Pinterest
  • C) Instagram
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