What Colour Should I Paint My Room In?

white and brown living room decor and walls

We spend most part of our lives in our bedrooms, which is why it is a room worth investing in. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Take this quiz to figure out if you need a splash of soothing blue, a vibrant yellow or a sensual pink on the walls of your bedroom!

What is your natural sleep pattern?
  • A) I am early to bed and early to rise
  • B) I am late to bed and late to rise
  • C) I can easily rise early or stay up late
How do you sleep at night?
  • A) I doze off as soon as my head touches my pillow!
  • B) It takes me a while to fall asleep
  • C) I toss and turn all night!
Your choice of interiors
  • A) Light and bright
  • B) Dark and handsome
  • C) Soft and neutral
You tend to use your bedroom mostly for
  • A) Sleeping only
  • B) Reading
  • C) Watching TV
What style of bedrooms are you drawn to?
  • A) Minimalist and clutter-free
  • B) Full of art pieces, books and souvenirs
  • C) Plush and sophisticated
What is the best thing about your bedroom?
  • A) Ample natural light
  • B) Tall ceilings
  • C) Huge bed
What time of the day is your favourite?
  • A) Morning
  • B) Noon
  • C) Night
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