What’s your soul colour?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Our instinctive choices and personality traits reveal the colour of our souls, which colours have a direct impact on. There’s one such colour that defines our soul. Find out what colour defines yours with this quiz.

What makes you happy?
  • A) Dancing
  • B) Travelling to new places
  • C) A cup of coffee
Your favourite story is?
  • A) Romeo and Juliet
  • B) Oliver Twist
  • C) Cinderella
A movie you loved for its setting
  • A) Byomkesh Bakshi
  • B) Jhodha Akbar
  • C) Dil Chahta Hai
Your favourite historical figure?
  • A) Sherlock Holmes
  • B) Casanova
  • C) Charles Darwin
What is your ideal pet?
  • A) Dog
  • B) Parrot
  • C) Cat
Which of these colours do you love to decorate with?
  • A) Wood’s a colour, right?
  • B) Can I say “black metal”?
  • C) All white for me
What kind of flowers do you prefer?
  • A) Birds-of-paradise
  • B) Sunflowers
  • C) Red roses
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