Let the
Rainbow within you shine For September 2014

It is said that rain is grace in the form of the skies descending on the earth and it's that time of the year again. Some may hate it, and some may love it, but you can't deny that everybody needs it! And seen from that perspective, it's easier to rejoice in the rains and go with the flow quite literally. For the truly pessimistic and naysayers, there is a silver lining to the clouds, which will brighten up the dullest of moods with a simple glimpse of its beautiful self - the rainbow.

The experience of seeing the rainbow has a magical quality to it. It stirs a deep response within us and in a way, inspires us to connect with our inner selves. This stirring of the soul is not a mere coincidence but is deep rooted in the reality of our being providing us with a mirror to look within. The seven colours of the rainbow are representative of the seven chakras of life.

The Root chakra is represented by the colour red, which is the first of the seven energy centres and is also the densest of all the chakras, represented by the densest colour. The second chakra, the Sacral chakra is represented by the colour orange, located below the navel and the colour yellow which is also the colour of sunshine represents the Solar Plexus chakra, the centre of our being. The Heart chakra is represented by the colour green, which symbolizes healing, balance, tranquility and serenity and is also said to bring wholeness to our lives. The colour blue, whose main energy is communication and is used to soothe the soul, is representative of the Throat chakra. Indigo represents the Third Eye chakra, being a colour which symbolizes the opening of the consciousness and connects us to the spiritual world. The Crown chakra is represented by the colour violet, which is the colour of cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness, symbolizing oneness and spirituality.

This monsoon, unleash your imagination and bring the vibrancy of rainbows to your home and harmonize your surroundings with your inner self, with the help of Berger Paints by choosing from their wide array of colours to suit your rainbow palette.

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