Trendy Ideas For Diwali Decoration! For October 2022

Come October and the air is agog with festivities and the mood all over is celebratory. Festivals bring the whole family together. People bond over decorations, food and conversations. With things looking better, celebrations are probably going to get bigger this time. Here are some décor ideas put together by our experts.

Jazz Up Your Walls

Festivals are synonymous with love, laughter and everlasting memories. However, all these elements can be cherished even more with gorgeous backdrops that complement the spirit of the festive season.

Lay your hands on our iPaint range to bring out the artist in you and for that personalised touch. You can instantly enhance the visual appeal of your living space with easy-to-create wall décor using diy paints.

There are stencil designs such as Birdie, Flora and Feather with very vibrant colour options. The DIY range also boasts of designs like Bells and Diyas which work as the perfect background for a prayer room to add the right amount of festive flair.

If DIY is not the route you wish to take, you can leave it to home painting professionals to take care of your wall painting from start to finish. The newly-launched Berger Silk GlamArt Designer Finishes boasts of rich designer finishes that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your celebrations.

You can choose from unique textures such as Artistic, Silver Fire, Veins, Marble, Impressio, Wavy, Spatulato, Radiant Glow, Inferno, Flora, Frost, Autumn, Mirage and Mist.

With a little bit of imagination and professional help from home painting services, even the dullest of walls can become a masterpiece and work as conversation-starters.

Alluring Tablescapes

In the festive season, when you give in to mithais like kaju katli, gulab jamuns, jalebis, ladoos, halwas and kheers, one thing that draws attention is the tablescape. Bring back the magic of festive dining and entertaining with an aesthetically appealing tablescape using beautiful tablemats, table runners and exquisite crockery.

Light It Up

Welcome the spirit of auspiciousness and festivity with candles. You can never go wrong with candles, especially during Diwali – the festival of lights. In fact, when you want to make your space look festive, candles are always the go-to solution.

We hope these home décor tips make your living space the talk of the town.

We wish you a Happy and Safe Diwali!


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