Nine Colours of Navratri! For October 2021

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Maa Durga is believed to be the fiercest and bravest Goddess in Hindu mythology. Also known as Shakti, she is epitome of women power, protecting the whole of humankind from evil and suffering.

Navratri is the festival dedicated to celebrate Goddess Durga and her wonderful, nine avatars. A combination of two words namely ‘Nav' and 'Ratri’, it literally means 'Nine Nights'. This festival is celebrated for nine nights, worshipping the nine forms of the Devi.

On Navratri, to honour each Devi, the devotees wear nine different colours on nine nights and celebrate this festival. Interestingly, every colour holds special significance during this festival. You can make the festive days extra-special by wearing the corresponding colours and seek blessings of the Goddess.

For the first day, you can wear the shade of Yellow. This warm colour is believed to keep one cheerful all day long.

Green, the colour of nature and prosperity has been picked for the second day. It brings a sense of peace and calm to those who wear clothing of this colour.

On the third day, the colour for devotees is Grey. Go for a subtle yet stylish look with this elegant colour. This colour is believed to keep emotions balanced throughout the day.

On the fourth day, the colour is Orange. It represents warmth and exuberance. It is believed to bring positive energy to those who wear this colour.

White is the colour on the fifth day. It stands for the beauty of purity and innocence. It is believed to bring inner peace and security to the wearer.

Red is the colour on the sixth day for ardent devotees. It symbolises health, tremendous courage and intense passion. It is believed to bring vigour and vitality to the wearer.

On the seventh day, you can dress up in Royal Blue. The colour represents richness and opulence. It is believed to evoke feelings of trust.

On the eighth day, wearing Pink is a good idea. It symbolises universal love, feminine charm and affection.

For the last day, Purple is regarded as the colour for all the devotees.

Though this year too the celebrations won’t take place on a large scale, you can preserve the spirit of the festival and deck up for the festivities. While you do so, don’t overlook your homes. Treat your walls to fresh paint colours to invite positive energy.

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Wishing you all a safe and happy Navratri!


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