Feng Shui For October 2020

Create Good Feng Shui In Your Home!

It is important that you decorate with the correct objects for proper energy flow in the living space. Here are some common mistakes along with some simple interior design ideas for living room, bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen.

Mistake #1 Storage under the bed

bedroom paint ideas

While it may be practical for you, storage underneath your bed consisting of old clothes, photos, electronics and shoes is not considered good in Feng Shui. You spend many hours sleeping over all this stuff which could have an adverse effect on you.

Pro Tip: Store only bed linens, blankets and pillows, if you must. Remember to keep the area under the bed as clean and tidy as possible to make it energetically clear.

Mistake #2: Incorrect water feature placement

exterior wall paint ideas

The worst assumption you can make about the water feature placement is adding it in any corner of the house. Water is believed to attract very powerful and active chi energy. If placed incorrectly, it is believed to flush away love and prosperity.

Pro Tip: It is recommended that you place a water element like a fountain right at the entrance of the house, like the one you see in the picture.

Mistake #3: Displaying dead plants

interior design ideas for living room

Living green plants and fresh flowers are believed to bring positive life energy into a home and are considered excellent Feng Shui. If a plant is sick, do your best to heal the plant since it indicates ill health for the inhabitants of the house.

Pro Tip: Place plants like Areca, Boston Fern, Golden Pothos, Jade and Lucky Bamboo that are believed to promote gentle and nourishing energy. Avoid cactus that is believed to have ‘spiky’ energy.

Mistake #4 Cluttered kitchen

modular kitchen colours

Kitchen shelves and cupboards are the easiest to become cluttered. For a Zen cooking experience, it is important to have a kitchen that is well-organised.

Pro Tip: Store “like with like” such as mugs with mugs, spoons with spoons and plates with plates.

Hope you find these tips useful!


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Want to create a positive home environment with the help of colours? Read on for some simple tips.

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Reiki For October 2020

A Guide To Reiki Essentials

Someone has very rightly said that the best way to appreciate Reiki is to view it as our “experienced sense of being alive.” When choosing the decor for your Reiki room, you can derive inspiration from beautiful places that you found relaxing such as the beach, a forest or a spa.

Keep scrolling for some Reiki room essentials to generate positive energy and create a sacred space within your home.


Sage is believed to have a cleansing effect on negative vibes. Think of it as hitting the reset button.

reiki room essentials


Plants are more than just pretty home decor. Place plants in your room to feel connected with nature. It can add a touch of natural energy into a living space and also add visual appeal to it.

home décor ideas


Smell is an absolutely personal experience. Make sure to have a sweet-smelling room. From fragrant candles to essential oils, you can improve the scent of your space for a relaxing atmosphere. Take your pick from ylang-ylang, sandalwood and peppermint.

living room fragrance ideas

Rose quartz crystals

Rose quartz crystals are a great addition to your room. Sit in meditation and hold onto the stone, feeling what you want to feel. The crystal is believed to retain the vibration.

rose quartz heart

Tibetan bowl

Tibetan bowl songs are believed to reduce stress, increase the blood flow and lower the heart rate. Each Tibetan bowl is designed to vibrate to a different chakra. Listening to the soothing sounds of these ancient instruments is said to be deeply relaxing and meditative.

tibetan singing bowl

Indoor water fountain

A portable indoor water fountain is the perfect addition to your Reiki room as it can create a calming ambiance. You can choose from a variety of fountain designs, colours and sizes. You can enjoy the comforting sound of running water and benefit from the negative ions emission.

Indoor water fountain

By making use of these decor elements in your daily Reiki sessions, we hope you are able to generate feelings of well-being, peace and attract positive vibes only!


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Feng Shui

Want to create a positive home environment with the help of colours? Read on for some simple tips.

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Vaastu For October 2020

house painting design image

Creating a Vaastu-Compliant Home

Colours play a major role in making us either happy or sad and tend to play an important role in our health and happiness. Re-organise individual spaces of your home based on the best vaastu colours for home interior.

Living room

colour combination for living room

Your living room is where you spend quality time with your family and friends. You also entertain your guests in this area of your house. Keeping this in mind, it is a good idea to introduce colours such as yellow, tan, beige, cream and light blue. These colours bring in warmth and honesty in conversations and relationships.

Master bedroom

interior bedroom colour

Your master bedroom, the king of all rooms, is meant for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day’s long work. Vaastu colours for the master bedroom can include blue, pink, mauve and light green. These colours represent prosperity and also help induce sleep.

Kids room

colours for the kids room

The Vaastu colours for the kids room can include light green, light pink, light yellow, light blue or lavender as it can improve the child’s focus and also enhances his/her personality.


modular kitchen colours

The kitchen is the heart of the home – a zone where delicious and wholesome food is prepared. Hence, the kitchen walls should be painted in light chocolate, saffron, brick orange, peach or woody green. According to Vaastu, these colours are believed to have immense benefits like increasing the appetite and metabolism, and also accelerating the digestion process. These colours also stand for purity, good health and energy.

Dining room

dining room colors

Dining room is where we feed ourselves either for survival or pleasure or both. This area is also where you tend to catch up with our family. According to Vaastu, your dining space should have walls in shades of orange, green or pink. These colours are believed to bring prosperity, health, peace and healing. They are also believed to aid in proper digestion.

Hope you find this guide useful and incorporate the colours recommended to reap its benefits.


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Wondering how to set up a Reiki room for yourself? Here are some select decor elements.

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Want to create a positive home environment with the help of colours? Read on for some simple tips.

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