The best wall colours for your home walls this Diwali 2019

white and brown living room decor and walls

This festive season, add some flair and style to your home walls. Find out the best colours for your walls to make your home Diwali-ready with this quiz:

What adjectives describe you the best?
  • A) Calm and Patient
  • B) Creative and Spontaneous
  • C) Fun and Adventurous
What is your favourite Diwali-snack?
  • A) Gulab Jamun
  • B) Sev
  • C) Kachori
And your plans for Diwali include…
  • A) Relax and rejuvenate
  • B) Host friends and family
  • C) Head out for a holiday
Your favourite scheme of colours is…
  • A) Neutrals
  • B) Pastels
  • C) Neons
When decorating your home, do you follow home trends?
  • A) Observe and incorporate trends
  • B) Decorate only as per latest trends
  • C) Don’t follow trends
What kind of living spaces do you love the most?
  • A) Minimalistic
  • B) Shabby Chic
  • C) Modern
If you had to choose a piece of art for your room, what would you pick?
  • A) Nature inspired art
  • B) Abstract painting
  • C) Metal sculpture
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