What Shade is Your Personality?

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Colours speak a lot about our personality. Every colour denotes strong traits, which strongly reflect human personality. Let’s take a quick test to see what shade is your personality.

What is the reason for not finding a solution?
  • A) Lack of imagination
  • B) Lack of knowledge
  • C) Lack of interest
Which type of car would you choose?
  • A) Single seater sports
  • B) Hatchback
  • C) SUV
What kind of running do you enjoy?
  • A) Free running
  • B) Running alone
  • C) Running in a race
Which one of these is your weakness?
  • A) I can be too critical
  • B) I sometimes miss details
  • C) I am inclined to day dream
What kind of job would you like to take up, on a plane?
  • A) Flight engineer
  • B) Pilot
  • C) Navigator
Do you think workplace friendships are important?
  • A) They are essential
  • B) Organic friendships are better
  • C) No place for friendship
What do you look for in a conversation?
  • A) Consensus
  • B) Insight
  • C) Inspiration
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