Exploring the
colours of Nature For October 2014

All of us need some colours in our life to keep the mundane from getting to us. It seems that nature knew the vital importance of colours in our lives much before humans could comprehend the importance of colours in our lives. If we stop by and look around at the fare that nature has dished out around us, we would be amazed at the simplicity and beauty inherent in nature.

There are many places around the world which have an abundance of colours to enhance their beauty and put them in the list of one of the most beautiful places on earth. The beauty of such places lies in the combination of extraordinary and eye catching colours, which add to the fascinating visual experience.

We get caught up with our daily lives and forget to enjoy the beauty which nature has presented us with. So, pack your bags today and try to visit some of the following naturally stunning places:

  • The 240 meter long cave system of Guilin in China has been its most popular attraction for over 1200 years now. The main attraction of the place is its beautiful pillars which were created by water erosion and are highlighted by multi coloured lights, which create an out of this world experience for the viewer.
  • The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring is a vividly coloured largest hot spring of the United States of America. The Hot Spring derives its colours from pigmented microbes which grow around the edge of the mineral rich water and give the spring its rich colours.
  • The Antelope Canyon of Arizona was formed millions of years ago by the flow of water which carved out a deep and narrow crevice. And because of the crevice being narrow, much light does not enter the deeper lengths of the canyon making its walls appear in variety of different colours. The experience of seeing this canyon is surreal and will leave you dazed for quite some time!
  • The Deadvlei of Namibia is a dead valley where trees are standing against the background of the highest sand dunes in the world. It once was a lively forest but the fast approaching desert has uprooted all life from here. Oddly, this strangely phenomenon has made it a picture perfect painting that is worth a visit in a lifetime.

We have listed some places for you to explore. But if you have your own colourful list waiting to be undertaken, then we suggest you go ahead and take the plunge without wasting any more time!

Share line: If you don’t yet have a list of naturally breath-taking places to visit, let us provide you with one!

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