Feng Shui For November 2020

Feng Shui Colours For Your Walls!

The ancient science of Feng Shui lays emphasis on the importance of picking the right colours for your living room, as it is here that you spend most of your time with all your family members. It is also a space that sets the tone for your entire home decorating style.

According to Feng Shui, colour is a very easy way to add some positive qi energy into your living space.

How to choose the best colours for your space, you ask? You could look at the Bagua map, the five elements or even the compass. However, you need not take the trouble since we are here to tell you how to use colours wisely. Start scrolling!

interior paint ideas living room

Yellow, the colour of sunlight, is perfect to uplift your living room. It is believed to create a cosy and welcoming Feng Shui energy in space. From pale yellow to hot sunflower yellow, there are many options to choose from when you plan to repaint your living room.

Pro tip: Excessive use of red should be avoided as it is believed to lead to emotional outburst within the family.

living room wall colour

Since the Feng Shui use of colour red is too intense for your living room, you can go for orange instead. The colour orange is considered the ‘social’ colour, as it promotes the necessary Feng Shui energy for fun and lively conversations. You can use it in abundance for good times in your home.

blue wall colour

Blue is a magnificent Feng Shui colour. From clear sky blue to soft aqua blue of the ocean, there is an endless variety of blue colour tones you can choose for your home.

Pro tip: Avoid dark blue as the space would then have excessive yin energy which causes yin-yang imbalances.

interior paint ideas for living room

The pink colour is the universal colour of love, making it the perfect colour choice to soften the energy of any space. The gentle and delicate Feng Shui vibrations of pink colour have a soothing effect on one's behaviour as well.

Hope you derive some inspiration from these interior paint ideas for living room.

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Looking for some Reiki decor ideas for your bedroom? Read on for some tips.

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Vaastu suggests specific colours for each room. Follow these Vaastu colours and you will feel the positive vibes in your entire living space.

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Reiki For November 2020

reiki healing image

Reiki Tips For Your Bedroom!

Reiki is a century-old process that is believed to realign your body and energy. Reiki believers and practitioners swear by the below Reiki tips. Start scrolling!

Neutral bed linens

bedroom wall colour

Updating the bed linen is the easiest way to transform a chaotic space into a calm one. Do not use bright colours and busy patterns as it can ruin the energy in your bedroom.

If you have trouble falling asleep or feel anxious, consider trying a more neutral colour pattern in your bedroom and see a positive shift in your energy.

Photographs and artwork

wall painting designs pictures for bedroom

The bedroom should create a feeling of comfort, intimacy and serenity. It is a good idea to hang photographs of your loved ones, be it your significant other or your kids, as it is important to create warmth in the room.


bedroom fragrances

It might be surprising to note that fresh flowers shouldn't be displayed in the bedroom. This is because it takes away oxygen which one essentially needs during their sleep cycle.

Instead, it is recommended that you light a single candle or burn essential oils that help create a calm and soothing environment.

You can choose sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavender and peppermint to relax after a long and tiring day. However, avoid choosing lemon, orange or grapefruit before bed as they can end up energising you instead of making you calm. It is also advised that you store these invigorating oils in the kitchen instead of the bedroom to separate the energy.

Harsh lighting

Reiki room ideas

Lighting can play a huge role on our moods. In the evening, always go for soft lighting so your eyes can begin to relax and get ready for rest. It is recommended that your bedroom have sconces and table lamps with soft lighting. You can also have floor lamps and pendants, but look for something with a dimmer so you can be mindful of what time of the day it is.

Hope you find these Reiki room ideas helpful to create a positive and peaceful energy in your bedroom.


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Find out what are the best wall colours for your living room with the help of Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui

Vaastu suggests specific colours for each room. Follow these Vaastu colours and you will feel the positive vibes in your entire living space.

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Vaastu For November 2020

house painting design image

Vaastu Colours For The Living Space!

Living room

Vastu colors for home interior walls

Our living room showcases our personality and style. Make it welcoming with Vastu colors for home interior walls such as green, yellow, beige, tan and blue. The whole space is bound to become lively, beaming with fresh energy.

Master bedroom

interior bedroom colour

The most appropriate colours for bedrooms are green, blue, pink or purple but all in its lighter shades. These colours lend a feeling of tranquillity, relaxation and induce sleep apart from being the romantic shades of love and happiness.

Children’s room

children room colours

Make the children room vibrant and bright by choosing happy colours. You can pick blue, orange, pink, green or lavender. However, avoid too much of red as it is an aggressive colour and could be stressful.


kitchen colour

There are many colours for kitchen according to Vaastu. You can choose orange, red, white, green, yellow, pink or chocolate. Vaastu experts highly recommend having a touch of red in the kitchen, so do keep it in mind while repainting or designing your kitchen.

Dining room

dining room colour

Green, pink and blue are the colours suitable for the dining room. These shades are believed to create a peaceful environment along with good health and prosperity.

Home Office

home office colour

It is important to select a harmonious colour scheme for your home office design. The right kind of colours helps keep one stimulated, active and motivated. You can be creative yet relaxed even when the workload has increased if you use the right colours in the room. Green, blue, lavender and light purple are considered appropriate for the home office. They are believed to foster productivity and keep one motivated.


interior luxury bathroom paint

Bathroom is the most private space of the house. The recommended colours for the bathroom are white, black, grey, pink and pastels. All these are elegant and relaxing colours, perfect for the bathroom.

Hope you find this article useful and it inspires you to choose the colours for your house wisely.


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Looking for some Reiki decor ideas for your bedroom? Read on for some tips.

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Vaastu suggests specific colours for each room. Follow these Vaastu colours and you will feel the positive vibes in your entire living space.

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