What does your home décor style say about you?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Looking for an accent wall for your home? Take our fun quiz and find out what style defines you best!

How would you describe your clothing style?
  • A) Smart and sophisticated
  • B) Fashion-forward
  • C) Traditional
What is the colour scheme you're most drawn to?
  • A) Neutrals all the way.
  • B) Blues and greens
  • C) Brightest of the colours!
Your home is a place to…
  • A) Relax and rejuvenate
  • B) Have parties, socialize and enjoy peppy music
  • C) Spend quality time with the people closest to you.
What is the mood like in your home?
  • A) Creative and dynamic
  • B) Tranquil at times
  • C) Calm and collected
When decorating your home, do you take notice of interior trends?
  • A) Observe trends & incorporate them
  • B) Decorate only as per latest trends
  • C) Don't follow trends
What flower do you prefer?
  • A) Baby’s breath
  • B) Orchid
  • C) Lily
Your last holiday was…
  • A) On the beach
  • B) A city break
  • C) At home
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