Winter Decorating Style


Winter is coming. What's your winter decorating style? Find out with this fun quiz!

Which of these colours do you love to decorate with?
  • A) Aqua
  • B) Red
  • C) Green
Where would you want to live most?
  • A) In a bustling city
  • B) In the middle of nowhere
  • C) Near the ocean
What kind of plants do you prefer?
  • A) Roses
  • B) Sunflowers
  • C) Bonsai
What would you choose?
  • A) Tea
  • B) Hot Coffee
  • C) Soup
What is your ideal pet?
  • A) Dog
  • B) Cat
  • C) Parrot
How would you like your dream living room to look like?
  • A) Free and relaxed
  • B) Formal
  • C) A mix of formal and relaxed
What would you love to see hanging over your sofa?
  • A) Artwork
  • B) Repurposed wood
  • C) Macramé wall hanging
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