Find out what combination of light and colour work for you!

white and brown living room decor and walls

Colours and lights have a psychological impact on us. Find out more about yourself based on your preferences for both!

Which of these colour combinations do you like the most?
  • A) Mustard Yellow and Black
  • B) Pink and Dark Purple
  • C) Teal and Grey
Which one of these scenic views would you prefer outside your window?
  • A) Northern lights
  • B) Sunset at a beach
  • C) Sunflower fields
Which light setting do you love the most in a restaurant?
  • A) Dim lights
  • B) Warm lights
  • C) Natural light
Which features would you choose for your dream home?
  • A) Fireplace with a comfortable couch
  • B) White walls only
  • C) French windows
Does the wall colour of your home office affect your work?
  • A) Always
  • B) Never
  • C) Sometimes
How do you like your home to be?
  • A) Dark and cosy with mood lights on
  • B) Neutral
  • C) Bright and lit up
What colour comes to your mind when you are calm?
  • A) Dark Grey
  • B) Lavender
  • C) Peach
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