Feng Shui For May 2021

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Feng Shui For Your Living Space!

Feng Shui comes from the Chinese words, ‘Feng and "Shui" which translate to mean “wind” and “water," respectively. When paired with colours, Feng Shui can bring good vibrations into your home to maintain balance and harmony.

Let’s have a look at some best wall colours that can create a home that is vibrant and beautiful:

Yellow (Fire or Earth element)

Yellow is the Feng Shui colour of sunlight which can brighten any home. Yellow colour creates a cosy environment; besides it is conducive for growth, nourishment and to uplift your mood. Using the yellow colour in your home can bring in warmth and positive vibes.

Green (Wood element)

Green is the Feng Shui colour of renewal, good health and rejuvenation. When paired with the colour red, it balances the whole body by bringing healing Feng Shui vibrations from nature.

Orange (Fire element)

The colour orange is known as a "social" colour, as it promotes open-mindedness and optimism and also generates Feng Shui vibrations to have lively conversations and memorable moments in your house.

White (Metal element)

White is not only the colour that contains all other colours but also the Feng Shui colour of innocence. A pure white space seems extremely satisfying as it makes the space look bigger and creates an environment for the commencement of new beginnings.

Blue (Water element)

Under the colour blue falls a variety of colours ranging from sky blue to aqua blue. Blue is a magnificent Feng Shui colour that promotes tranquillity and adds to your home a serene look. It can maintain peace and keep the household calm when used in the best areas of your home like: East, Southeast, and North.

Grey (Metal element)

Grey can bring beautiful Feng Shui energy to any space, which can attract positivity and good vibes. The best spaces to use it in is: West (Creativity), Northwest and North (Career).

Hope you find these Feng Shui tips useful!


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Reiki For May 2021

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Reiki Chakras and Colours!

Colours and Reiki go hand in hand. During a Reiki session, people often see beautiful colours which most likely determine their healing process. As always, colours play an important role in this process as each colour has a deep meaning to it.

The colours themselves are an indication that one is letting go and is aware of the energy flowing through their body. These colours relate to the” Chakras” which are the energy centres of the body.

There are 7 Chakras, each with a reiki chakra color. Let’s delve right into it.

Violet (Crown)

Violet is associated with power, both earthly and spiritual. When these colours are seen, it indicates detachment from problems and stress and spiritual consciousness.

Indigo (Third eye)

Indigo is associated with psychic ability. In healing, Indigo is used for promoting wisdom, vision and reassurance.

Sky blue (Throat)

Sky Blue is the colour of spirituality, inspiration and inner peace. This colour heals by promoting self-expression and communication. It helps to calm and cool down the body, both physically and mentally.

Green (Heart)

It is quite common to link red with the heart, however in Reiki, green is the colour that heals. Green signifies balance and peace and when the body is being healed, it invokes the deep feelings and emotions that are embedded in the heart.

Yellow (Solar Plexus)

Yellow symbolises intellect, creativity, happiness and the power of persuasion. In healing, use yellow to promote clarity of thought and to reflect upon the purpose of life and the action one takes.

Orange (Sacral)

Orange symbolises the individual’s relationship to the external world, with regards to his or her wants and their satisfaction. When a person is being healed, it enhances the relationship of one to himself and others.

Red (Base)

Red symbolises energy, strength, courage, creativity, warmth and security. In healing, it helps a person retrieve stability in life.

Hence, we can see how colours can greatly be used in Reiki.

To conclude, “A colour a day keeps the doctor away, So colour yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.”

—Lilian Verner Bonds


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Vaastu For May 2021

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Vaastu Colours for The Living Room

Vaastu Colours for The Living Space

It has been said that for a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the correct energy. This has been promoted by Vaastu Shastra which is an ancient guide for a positive home. Colour has been an important part of Vaastu right from the start as it plays a paramount role in balancing our body, mind and spirit. The different colours enlighten our home with radiance and instil positivity.

Vaastu Colours for The Living Room

Our living room represents our charisma and individuality; hence it must be the most beautiful and expressive place to lounge in. We must select the colour that best defines us and what we believe in while keeping in mind the Vaastu principles.

These are a few great Vaastu colours to use in your living room:

White- White is associated with purity and goodness

Light Pink- Fosters warmth in your living room

Cream- Instills beauty and charm

Vaastu Colours for A Dining Room

The dining room is an integral part of our home. It is a place to promote growth and nourishment. The best direction for a dining room to be situated is in the east or the south-east.

Given here are some colours that support assimilation, fusion and digestion in one's system and hence are the best for a dining room:

Light Orange- Promotes happiness and joy while instilling creativity

Peach- Promotes rejuvenation and healing

Yellow- Displays honour and enlightenment

Vaastu Colours for A Bedroom

The bedroom should be located in the south-west of the house to promote peace and relaxation.

Here are some Vastu tips for bedroom wall color

Light Brown- Fosters a healthy lifestyle

Mauve- Calms emotions and promotes good dreams

Shades of Pink- Symbolises gratitude and love

Vaastu is one of the key elements to promote prosperity and happiness in one’s home, unfolding the deeper meaning of every colour and its importance in our life.

Hope that using Vaastu can help you lead a better life!


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Gain insight into Reiki chakras and colours to reap their benefits.

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Here are some of the perfect Vaastu home colours for positive vibes and a healthy aura.

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