Choosing Paint Colours According to the Materials in Your House For May 2021

house paint colour

Choosing a colour to paint could be baffling at times. When you are not sure about a paint colour, it is best to stop and consider the minor details of the materials that are already present around the house.

Your favourite clothes and homes' pieces can be an inspiration for your choice of paint colours.

Initially, begin by setting the mood for each room. Consider tables, chairs, sofas, floor and wardrobe. For instance, for wood, it's nice to incorporate some contrast.

Light Wood + Sheer Pink

For wooden floors, we suggest going with a blond and bleached colour that complements the flooring. You can try Sheer Pink from Berger Paints to go with your light wooden flooring

Warm Wood + Glorious Green

A warmer shade of wooden flooring blends well with Glorious Green from Berger Paints. The warmth of the honey-toned colour shows up well against medium green. It's definitively attractive and low key.

Dark Wood + Pearl Blue

If you'd like to play up the dark wooden colour of your furniture or doors use Pearl Blue from Berger Paints on your walls for a cosy plus a homely feeling. The incredibly rich organic colour of wood creates a calming space when combined with blue.

Brick + Barbizon Blue

An interior brick wall can be considered a quirky feature in the house that can add a unique touch to any room. Combining the natural material with a complimentary shade of Barbizon Blue from Berger Paints will keep the space feeling bright. It creates a nice contrast and feels less formal.

Brick + Bella Mint

Another option for bricks is going with green. Bella Mint by Berger Paints is just the right mix to complement your brick walls. The organic touch that the brick walls bring to the room along with a shade of green is a timeless treasure.

Metallic + Rembrant Blue

Dark blue walls set the tone for any room in combination with cooler metallic or metal finishes, such as chrome, pewter, or stainless steel. Rembrant Blue by Berger Paints blends with the environment perfectly. Achieve elegant yet practical results with this combination.

Stone + Ground Nutmeg

Natural stone walls go well with brown. Ground Nutmeg by Berger Paints is one such colour that lends a homely cosy ambience. It is a dark-toned colour that will add fascinating looks to your home.


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