What your home décor style reveals about you

white and brown living room decor and walls

Find out what your home décor style says about you in this quiz!

Which of these things is most likely to be found in your home?
  • A) Lots of plants
  • B) A collection of ceramics and tableware
  • C) Interesting artwork
Which type of wall do you prefer for your home?
  • A) Exposed brick
  • B) Accent wall
  • C) Wallpaper
What type of flooring do you have in your home?
  • A) Hardwood
  • B) Tile
  • C) Wall-to-wall carpeting
What colour scheme you are most drawn to?
  • A) Neutral
  • B) Dark colours
  • C) Light colours
Your home is a place to…
  • A) Relax, rejuvenate and escape
  • B) Have parties and socialise
  • C) Get creative
What is the mood you are trying to create?
  • A) Calm and collected
  • B) Fun for the family
  • C) Creative and dynamic
How would you describe your style?
  • A) Comfort chic
  • B) Old school and antique
  • C) Fun and quirky
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