Whats your home's personality?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Tell us a bit about your décor preferences and get to know what your ‘home style’ is!

Your home must be…
  • A) Spacious with sunlight
  • B) Modern and stylish
  • C) Simple and traditional
While choosing furniture, you need..
  • A) Strong and sturdy furniture
  • B) Classy and stylish furniture
  • C) Old world charm furniture
Your home will always have...
  • A) Funky knick knacks
  • B) Fresh flowers
  • C) Opulent paintings
The dominant colour you prefer in your home is…
  • A) Red and yellow
  • B) Blue and green
  • C) White and black
You would opt for…
  • A) Modern window shades
  • B) Cozy, stylish curtains
  • C) Bare windows with blinds
Your homes style can be best described as…
  • A) Eclectic
  • B) Sophisticated
  • C) Bohemian
For your new home, you would love to be gifted…
  • A) A trendy lampshade
  • B) An antique wall clock
  • C) Quirky curios or wall hangings
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