What Colour Are You When You’re Happy?

white and brown living room decor and walls

When we are truly happy, our souls exude a colour that personifies the joy we feel! Find out your happy colour with this quiz!

To begin with, what is your favourite colour?
  • A) Yellow
  • B) Blue
  • C) Green
What quality are you most proud of?
  • A) Humble
  • B) Driven
  • C) Warmth
What season were you born in?
  • A) Spring
  • B) Summer
  • C) Monsoon
What is your favourite part of the day?
  • A) Early morning
  • B) The whole day
  • C) Night
Which terrain would you love to explore?
  • A) The oceans
  • B) The mountains
  • C) The rainforest
Do you see yourself as emotional or practical?
  • A) Emotional
  • B) Practical
  • C) Both
What colour do you find most dreary?
  • A) Black
  • B) Gray
  • C) White
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