Transform Your Interior Walls With Exciting Textures! For March 2022

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When it comes to revamping your home décor, there are several options to go for that one is spoilt for choice.

The simplest no-brainer is to give your home a brand-new coat of shiny paint but what if you want to take a slightly different route this time?

Wall texture has been around for a while now and they are gorgeous alternatives to plain, solid paint.

Textured focal walls can add shadow, depth and structure to any room in a beautiful and unique way.

If you have chosen a monochromatic colour scheme, or one mostly painted in subdued neutrals, textured walls are a great way to add a break to the constancy.

You can opt for bold texture paint to contrast against the subdued backdrop and perhaps add a few similarly textured accessories to your furniture such as a rug or pillows for a unified feeling.

If you want to add oodles of drama and pizzazz to a room, Berger’s Silk GlamArt Metallica range is something you must check out. Different types of special effects such as Inferno, Silver Fire, Beauty Queen, Blossoms, Curves, Haiku, Abstract can be created using a variety of tools through Berger Paints Silk GlamArt range.

The range of Berger's Silk GlamArt Non Metallica is worth exploring too! There are different types of special effects such as Autumn, Crush, Twirl, Spatula, Flora, Nova, Wi-Fi, Strings, Trance and Radiant Glow. Any of these unique patterns can be created using a variety of tools. This special effect paint provides a glittering metallic finish for the walls.

These textures can help you add chutzpah to your living space, taking the style quotient a few notches higher and give your guests something to talk about when they come visiting!

All you need is a little creativity and the suitable technique to make a feature wall stand-out and captivate the on-lookers.

While texture painting is not really a very complex process, it requires meticulousness or it can end up looking shabby.

Contact Berger Express Painting service for professional painting results. Get in touch with us with an SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030. Our painters are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create the desired wall effect. They are trained to not only add textures to your walls perfectly but to also leave behind spotless floors and furniture.


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