Which colour best describes your personality?

white and brown living room decor and walls

What is your favourite colour? Does it match up with your personality and style? Take this quiz to know!

What is your decorating style?
  • A) Coastal/Beach House
  • B) Boho Eclectic
  • C) Modern Glam
What's on your plate?
  • A) Apple pie
  • B) Strawberry shortcake
  • C) Blackberry sorbet
Which decor trend are you most likely to embrace?
  • A) Green prints
  • B) Statement lightings
  • C) Graphic tiles
Which star would make you queue up for a movie ticket?
  • A) Will Smith
  • B) Leonardo DiCaprio
  • C) Ryan Reynolds
Which of the below is most likely to be your spirit animal?
  • A) Lion
  • B) Horse
  • C) Panda
Which of the following theme would you like for your dream wedding?
  • A) Scarlet Red
  • B) Midnight Blue
  • C) Blush Green
What would your rather do over a weekend?
  • A) Get busy with your hobbies.
  • B) Sleep in the whole day.
  • C) Explore nature at its best.
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