Which colour best describes your personality?


What is your favourite colour? Does it match up with your personality and style? Take this quiz to know!

What is your decorating style?
  • A) Coastal/Beach House
  • B) Boho Eclectic
  • C) Modern Glam
What's on your plate?
  • A) Apple pie
  • B) Strawberry shortcake
  • C) Blackberry sorbet
Which decor trend are you most likely to embrace?
  • A) Green prints
  • B) Statement lightings
  • C) Graphic tiles
Which star would make you queue up for a movie ticket?
  • A) Will Smith
  • B) Leonardo DiCaprio
  • C) Ryan Reynolds
Which of the below is most likely to be your spirit animal?
  • A) Lion
  • B) Horse
  • C) Panda
Which of the following theme would you like for your dream wedding?
  • A) Scarlet Red
  • B) Midnight Blue
  • C) Blush Green
What would your rather do over a weekend?
  • A) Get busy with your hobbies.
  • B) Sleep in the whole day.
  • C) Explore nature at its best.
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