Which Holi Colour are you?

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Which Holi Colour are you? Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow or Gorgeous Green? Find out right away!

Who do you apply colour to first on the day of Holi?
  • A) Parents
  • B) Friends
  • C) Siblings
How do you like to play Holi?
  • A) Colours
  • B) Egg Yolk
  • C) Water
If you ran out of colours during Holi, how would you celebrate it?
  • A) Bring out the Food
  • B) Play with Water
  • C) Go back Home and take a Shower
If you had to pick just one sweet from the Holi spread, which would it be?
  • A) Gujiya
  • B) Malpua
  • C) Puran Poli
Which colour do you dislike playing with?
  • A) Black
  • B) Gold
  • C) Silver
Choose your Holi weapon:
  • A) Water Balloon
  • B) Water Gun
  • C) Metallic Colours
Which word do you associate the most with Holi?
  • A) Water
  • B) Colours
  • C) Sweets
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