What Colour Will Help You Improve Concentration?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Colours are powerful, using the right shade will have remarkable results, while the wrong shade may have negative effects. Whether it is for the bedroom, home office or study room, find out what colour will help you improve concentration:

How would you describe yourself?
  • A) Calm, shy and reserved
  • B) Sweet and kind
  • C) Someone with a lot of anger issues
Is it hard for others to read your emotions?
  • A) Yes
  • B) I don’t know
  • C) No
What is closest to your lucky number?
  • A) 53
  • B) 9
  • C) 23
Your favourite pass time is?
  • A) Watch Netflix
  • B) Sleep
  • C) Go on an adventure
Pick a pet.
  • A) A cat
  • B) A dog
  • C) A fish
Pick a Disney movie.
  • A) Sleeping Beauty
  • B) Frozen
  • C) Tangled
What season were you born in?
  • A) Spring
  • B) Summer
  • C) Winter
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