What Colours Make a Room Look Bigger? For June 2021

No one wants to be stuck in a space that feels like a cave. Fortunately, colour has the unique ability to transform any room. With the right choice, you can set the perfect tone for your space.

There is a super simple trick to deal with even the smallest, most cramped spaces. Some colours can create an illusion of space. Here are some room paint colours for inspiration that can do the trick. It is sure to make a small room feel much more open and help get rid of claustrophobia.


As calming as the sea, aqua is the perfect colour that recedes like waves, without overpowering the space.

The soft hue like BELGIAN COAST (5D2225) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can make any small space feel open and airy.

Complement it with natural textures in soft furnishings and light colour timbers.


Green naturally brightens up a room with its vibrancy. COOL AS CUKE (4D0966) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can help create a roomier feel for relaxation. Choose light-reflective surfaces in the form of high-gloss furniture.


A softer tone of purple can create a perception of depth, which is why it is such a wonderful colour to work with in smaller spaces. Opt for furniture that will help to keep things light and airy.

PURPLETTE (6D2353) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can create the illusion of a more expansive room. You can balance the room with lighter coloured décor and furnishing. Pick a bedside lamp and curtains that are creamy.


Fresh and clean, cream is a brilliant solution for small room. It looks more inviting and open. The lighter paint colour like CREAM SWIRLS (7P0337) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can make your room feel spacious.


A grey tone for small rooms is perfect as it has a minimalistic vibe. You can make the room look crisp and clean if you have casual or fancy furnishings. We recommend ABBEY LANE (8D1694) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue to create a stylish airy space.

These room paints can help maximise your living space without minimising your style.

Get ready to unleash your inner decorator! If you find yourself at a loss when putting together a small space, worry not. Our colour experts are here to guide you every step of the way.


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