Flowery Tales! For June 2015

This is for all those lovebirds looking to get hitched soon and by soon we mean real soon! Well, that is what we plan to suggest at least! So, without further ado, we think that summer is a great month to get married in, although many of us do not think so. For all those non-believers, it's such a wonderful month to have your wedding, due to it being a relatively dry season and moreover, because we have just stepped out of spring and bounced into a bright vibrant summer!

It is that time of the year when everybody is in high spirits, which is what you want for your wedding, right? And we are sure you are absolutely going to love the other benefit too, which happens to be the wide choice of flowers available in this season. This will also make it economical for you to get what you want within your budget! So now, we have identified a few gorgeous colour palettes which are perfect for the pretty months of summer, just for you!

Pretty in Pink

Very few flowers are as pretty as peonies and the perfect pink of peony makes for a perfect d├ęcor and beautiful bouquets. When using peony as the main flower, we suggest you keep it classic and pair it with white and make the most of this classic combo.

White as a Lily

The white lily is the flower of the month and this clean and simple palette is one of the most favoured palettes all over the world. This simple palette is a strong statement maker and if you have to add colour to it then opt for the natural light green and lemon shade which we find in lilies.

Let the Sun Shine

If bright and vivid is your thing, then go all out with yellow and sunflowers on your big day. Sunflowers will lend a natural vibrancy to your venue, while yellow is a gorgeous shade to cheer people up and put a smile on their faces.

Beautifully Purple

This one is a popular colour with the ladies all year round, for all occasions! So, when it comes to your wedding, you should certainly not overlook this colour! There are many beautiful shades of purple and you can take your pick from the deepest hue to the lightest pastel shade. We suggest lilacs as the flower of choice for purple lovers! Just in case we forget to mention, there is a little something here for the bridesmaids too, as you will look stunning in any shade of purple chiffon gowns!

We have mentioned a few favourites here and you can have your own pick to make your wedding a beautiful introduction to summer for your guests, as well as yourself! Go for that fresh, romantic and ethereal wedding you have always wanted. Summer is that hopeful time of the year for new beginnings and also the time for you to shine together as the perfect romantic couple!

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