What Wall Colour Combination Should You Choose?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Are you a “dramatic metallic” or “bright and bold” kind of person? This quiz will show you what colour palette best suits your personality!

What is your favourite time of the year?
  • A) Winter
  • B) Spring
  • C) Summer
What is your favourite time of the day?
  • A) Evening
  • B) Afternoon
  • C) Morning
What kind of landscape would you like to spend a holiday in?
  • A) Mountains
  • B) Valley
  • C) Beach
At a party, where are you most likely to be found?
  • A) Being the life of the party
  • B) Helping the host
  • C) Choosing the next song
What type of music do you listen to the most?
  • A) Rock
  • B) Folk
  • C) Pop
What colour do you like the least?
  • A) Pink
  • B) Red
  • C) Black
Someone offers you an all-expenses-paid trip. Where would you go?
  • A) Antarctica
  • B) Hawaii
  • C) Tanzania
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