Colours and Personality Quiz

white and brown living room decor and walls

Find out which room aesthetics matches your personality by taking this quick < 2 min quiz!

Choose a colour palette
  • A) Dark
  • B) Pastel
  • C) Light
Choose a food item
  • A) Burger
  • B) Candy floss
  • C) Salad
Choose a random flower
  • A) Black rose
  • B) Peony
  • C) Daisy
Choose a cake
  • A) Dark chocolate
  • B) Strawberry
  • C) White forest
Choose an animal
  • A) Cat
  • B) Dog
  • C) Rabbit
Choose some decor
  • A) Celestial stars and planets
  • B) Fairy lights
  • C) Floor cushions
Choose a plant
  • A) Cactus
  • B) Pothos
  • C) Peace Lily
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