Feng Shui For July 2021

Colour Theory

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Feng Shui Colours for Home!

Colour is one of the simplest ways to apply Feng Shui principles into your home. It also happens to be one of the most effective Feng Shui adjustments because we, as human beings, are highly visual. Light and colour are what our vision is all about, so let us use them to support and inspire what we want in our lives.

Hopeful blues and greens

Blue and green are two colours that bring hope and positivity into our lives. These colours are relaxing and calming, exuding tranquil vibes to the entire living space.

In Feng Shui, blue and green represent life and renewed energy. Green is associated with empathy and emotional healing while blue is linked to energy, promoting good conversations and bringing life to a room. You can use green plants indoors for growth and healing. You can add interesting focal pieces in blue such as a couch or an artwork.

Elegant violets and purples

For those looking to create a calming atmosphere, violet is the best colour for home. You can place violet accents such as flowers in a vase to create the right effect. Purple can be used to harmonise and create inner balance and peace. Amethyst is a beautiful crystal you can use to attract more wealth and prosperity in your life.

Earthy browns, oranges and yellows

Deep earthy shades indicate endurance and strength while being tranquil and nurturing at the same time. You can use neutral tones of sand and soil that are soothing hues. For a bedroom, you can go for flesh tones to create a restful ambience that can make you feel cosy. Bright yellows and oranges can stimulate appetite, perfect for your kitchen and dining areas.

Complementary whites

There are many shades of white that you can pick. You can go for creamy or warmer off-whites to create a soft and friendly atmosphere. You can also use pure white to create an airy and lighter space.

These were some colour tips to help you reap the benefits of Feng Shui.


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Learn everything you need to know about chakra colours.

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Read on for some Vaastu-compliant colours for your living room.

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Reiki For July 2021

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Chakra Colours

Chakra Colours in Reiki

While the reiki chakra colors reflect various frequencies of light and energy associated with each energy centre, their meaning can be associated with the function of its chakras and general symbolism.

When you see or use the following colours, you can make the following associations:

Meaning of the red chakra colour: Red is the colour of the root chakra which is the first chakra. It symbolises survival, safety, grounding and nourishment from the Earth energy.

Meaning of the orange chakra colour: Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra which is the second chakra. It carries meanings associated with emotions and creativity. It is associated with water and flow.

Meaning of the yellow chakra colour: Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra which is the third chakra. It symbolises personal power, mental activities, will and intellect.

Meaning of the green chakra colour: Green is the colour of the heart chakra which is the fourth chakra. It is connected with compassion and love.

Meaning of the blue chakra colour: Blue is the colour of the throat chakra which is the fifth chakra. It symbolises creative expression, communication and self-expression.

Meaning of the purple chakra colour (or deep indigo blue): Purple (or deep indigo blue) is the colour of the third eye chakra which is the sixth chakra. It is believed to evoke intuition, inner wisdom and extrasensory perception.

Meaning of the white chakra colour (or purple): White is the colour of the crown chakra which is the seventh chakra. It is associated with spirituality and consciousness.

To conclude, you can take a look at symbolic associations and the chakra system chart to determine the meaning of a specific colour.

However, the colour of someone’s energy field is often associated with the activity of one or several chakras. When paying attention to the auric field, it is necessary that you understand that colours do not necessarily have a definite or set meaning, but rather reflect the activity of the energy centres and their vibration or frequency.


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Colours are key to the Chinese art of Feng Shui. Read on for some handy colour tips to incorporate in your home.

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Feng Shui

Read on for some Vaastu-compliant colours for your living room.

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Vaastu For July 2021

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Vaastu compliant colours

Vaastu-Friendly Colours!

Don’t you just want to jump in and put your feet up when you see beautiful living room settings? We have just the right Vastu colours for living room that can turn it into a beautiful sanctuary for you to unwind.


Yellow is associated with the sun. It nurtures clarity of thoughts and gives a sense of patience. You could feel nothing but happy being in a yellow living room! Create warm and soothing palette with a sunny disposition.

Our top-two colour swatches: TULIP FIELD (3D2078), FLOWER POWER (3D2079)


With travel currently limited, how about creating a ‘vacay’ vibe at home and satiating your wanderlust? Blue walls with a coastal vibe should do the trick!

Our top-two colour swatches: BLUE BLAZES (5T1149), CLEAR SKYSCAPE (5T1189)


Red is known for its vitality and zest. It brings the home interiors to life, adding excitement and fun. A well-thought accent wall in a spirited colour like red is a recipe for a showstopping space.

Our top-two colour swatches: EMPRESS ROSE (1D0324), ROSE BOUQUET (1D1980)


Orange is a favoured colour for those looking to enhance communication and interaction inside the house. It is a great colour for a statement look and can instantly spice up the living space.

Our top-two colour swatches: ORANGE CHARM (3D0236), LATE DAY SUN (2T0669)


Green creates a calm atmosphere when used in the living room. It is believed to bring harmony and peace in life. It is a pretty palette for any style of living room, be it modern or contemporary.

Our top-two colour swatches: SNAPPY GREEN (4T0916), GIFT OF GREEN (4T0941)


We love the rich indulgence that brown adds to the space. Create the perfect mood for relaxation with this buttery, creamy, earthy tone! It acts as the ultimate comforting backdrop, working with almost any colour you want to play against it.

Our top-two colour swatches: CARAMEL MIST (7D0343), POCAHONTAS (7D1638)

You can explore all the colour swatches in Berger’s Colour Catalogue right here: https://www.bergerpaints.com/utility-tools/colour-catalogue/

Hope we have helped you with some colour tips and inspired you to give your walls a Vaastu-friendly makeover!


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Learn everything you need to know about chakra colours.

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Read on for some Vaastu-compliant colours for your living room.

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