Fabulous Room Makeover with Paint! For July 2021

Colour is a staple for any home improvement project, but it doesn’t always have to be about plain painted walls. There are plenty of ways to add interest with exciting colours. The transformation qualities of colour are infinite and incredible.

With a little bit of imagination and confidence, you can create your dream home. Read further to know how.

Create an accent wall with a unique colour

wall painting ideas for bedroom

Green is a winner when it comes to walls as it works well in both daylight and evening light. To create a cheerful atmosphere, you can go with sunflower yellow. For a feeling of warmth and comfort, you can go with neutral shades. You can use these colours in every room of the house on one section of the wall, which is then continued till the ceiling. Do remember to use a contrasting colour against it for maximum impact.

Play with geometry

wall painting designs for hall

Painting need not be limited to solid wall colours. You can experiment with different geometric shapes on a single wall to create visual interest. You can also create an interesting backdrop for your bed with some geometric colour elements on the walls.

Add special effects with textured paint

Thinking of room painting? You can add some interesting textures and create depth with unique wall textures. You can explore Silk Illusions Non-Metallic range comprising of Moon Rock, Autumn, Nova, Flora and Silver Fire textures, each of them beautiful in their own way.

Highlight beautiful architectural details with colour

living room wall paint

Bring the focus towards beautiful archways or alcoves with smart use of paint. Simply measure out your design and type with masking tape, then carefully apply your accent colour to create interest. Take a look at the above photograph to derive some inspiration.

Set a mood with DIY wall stencils

wall stencils

A living space should be a reflection of the people in it. Keeping this thought in mind, you can create a theme in all the rooms and set a certain mood.

Birds and feathers, flowers and bells; we give you many options to choose from, so you can ditch the plain old walls. With our iPaint range of stencils, you now have the opportunity to explore a whole new spectrum of designs. This kit has all the necessary tools which are needed to paint the walls. You just have to buy paint colour of your choice.

The best part is that you can get the desired results even without any prior experience because it has easy-to-follow instructions in the kit.

We hope these ideas inspire you! Don’t forget to bookmark this article for your wall makeover project.

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