What do your fashion choices reveal about your personality?

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Tell us a bit about your fashion and colour preferences to know more about your personality!

Which look reflects your look on a typical evening out?
  • A) Elegant and chic
  • B) Simple and comfortable
  • C) Bold and sassy
Do you follow current fashion trends?
  • A) I don’t follow but set them!
  • B) I don’t know what trends are!
  • C) I’m always on the lookout!
Your wardrobe will always have…
  • A) A sexy little black dress
  • B) A pair of comfortable blue jeans
  • C) The latest dress on the runway
The dominant colour in your wardrobe is…
  • A) White, black, grey & dark shades
  • B) Blue, green, brown and neutrals
  • C) Red, orange, yellow and purple
Given a choice you would opt for…
  • A) Stylish pair of heels
  • B) Flats or very low wedges
  • C) High heeled stilettos
Your style can be best described as…
  • A) Sophisticated and graceful
  • B) Pretty and comfortable
  • C) Eclectic and trendy
If you were to colour your hair, which colour would you choose?
  • A) A jet black colour would be perfect
  • B) Shades of brown or burgundy it will be
  • C) Fun highlights in red, blue or green maybe
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