Find Out What Colour Your Bedroom Should Be To Help You Sleep

white and brown living room decor and walls

What room colour makes you feel most relaxed? Do you need a soothing blue? Or an energising yellow? Or a rejuvenating green? If you’re searching for bedroom paint colour ideas, then take this quiz to find out what colour palette would best fit your taste.

What is your strength?
  • A) Creativity
  • B) Dedication
  • C) Trustworthiness
Which of the following defines your natural sleeping pattern?
  • A) I’m a night owl- late to bed and late to rise
  • B) I’m an early riser- early to bed and early to rise
  • C) I’m a cat- sleeps in shifts and takes lots of naps
How do you normally sleep?
  • A) Toss and turn all night
  • B) Fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed
  • C) Staying awake is hard
Choose a decorating style
  • A) Brimming with colours
  • B) Soft and neutral
  • C) Dark and cosy
You use your bedroom mostly for...
  • A) Eating, hanging out, everything!
  • B) A little light reading before going to sleep
  • C) Sleeping only
Describe your dreams...
  • A) Lucid dreaming
  • B) Day dreaming
  • C) Nightmares
The best thing about your bedroom is...
  • A) Tall ceilings
  • B) Ample natural light
  • C) A comfy bed
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