Find Out What Colour Your Bedroom Should Be To Help You Sleep


What room colour makes you feel most relaxed? Do you need a soothing blue? Or an energising yellow? Or a rejuvenating green? If you’re searching for bedroom paint colour ideas, then take this quiz to find out what colour palette would best fit your taste.

What is your strength?
  • A) Creativity
  • B) Dedication
  • C) Trustworthiness
Which of the following defines your natural sleeping pattern?
  • A) I’m a night owl- late to bed and late to rise
  • B) I’m an early riser- early to bed and early to rise
  • C) I’m a cat- sleeps in shifts and takes lots of naps
How do you normally sleep?
  • A) Toss and turn all night
  • B) Fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed
  • C) Staying awake is hard
Choose a decorating style
  • A) Brimming with colours
  • B) Soft and neutral
  • C) Dark and cosy
You use your bedroom mostly for...
  • A) Eating, hanging out, everything!
  • B) A little light reading before going to sleep
  • C) Sleeping only
Describe your dreams...
  • A) Lucid dreaming
  • B) Day dreaming
  • C) Nightmares
The best thing about your bedroom is...
  • A) Tall ceilings
  • B) Ample natural light
  • C) A comfy bed
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