Wall Colours To Create An Inspiring Home Office! For January 2022

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Since a home office is likely to be a place you spend most of your day in, you must consider room paints that you are happy to be around for long periods.

Inspire optimism with the trendy Pantone Colour of the Year - Very Peri

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is a vibrant shade of periwinkle that blends the soothing familiarity of blue with the excitement and energy of red. If your job requires long stretches of time, you can choose this trendy shade. Remain focused on the task at hand with the help of this shade in your home office.

Shade recommendation from Berger’s Colour Catalogue – PURPLE PROMISE (6D1231)

Add depth with Grey

Grey exudes a quiet intensity, believed to be ideal for walls in workspaces. The hue feels balanced, does not distract and easily coordinates with other office furniture and colourful accessories. This also happens to be a good choice as exterior paints.

Shade recommendation from Berger’s Colour Catalogue – DEEP CURRENTS (8D0351)

Create a calming ambience with Green

Last few years have strengthened our longing for the outdoors, elevating green to one of the decorating colours of choice. Calming in nature, green is great for people working long hours as it does not strain the eyes.

Shade recommendation from Berger’s Colour Catalogue – GREEN FLIGHT (4D0927)

Boost creativity with Yellow

If you are looking for an eye-catching wall colour that will also help unleash your creativity and spark imagination, look no further than a fresh shade of yellow. Bright and stimulating, yellow wall paint is a foolproof way to liven up an uninspired home office, infusing instant energy and optimism.

Shade recommendation from Berger’s Colour Catalogue – SUNFLOWER PETAL (3D0782)

Create a bold impact with Brown

If you think brown walls are boring, then it's time to reconsider. According to our colour experts, a warm brown home office can help you stay calm and focused all day long.

Shade recommendation from Berger’s Colour Catalogue – CARAMEL MIST (7D0343)


To create some interesting looks in your home office with the above-mentioned colours, explore Berger's Colour Catalogue. You can avail Berger’s Express Painting for a professional service. With disinfected, automated tools, our skilled painters will create an inspiring WFH space. You can SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.


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