What’s your spirit colour?

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We all may have our very own spirit animals, but do you know what your spirit colour is? Play our quiz to find out!

How do you prefer hanging out with your friends?
  • A) In large groups
  • B) One-on-one
  • C) Intimate groups
Which game are you most likely to play?
  • A) Truth or Dare
  • B) Scrabble
  • C) Pictionary
How would you like to de-stress after a hectic day at work?
  • A) Go to the bar with friends
  • B) Read a book
  • C) Go for a long walk with a friend
How often do you seek the approval of others?
  • A) Always
  • B) Sometimes
  • C) Rarely
How well do you accept compliments?
  • A) Really well
  • B) Quite well
  • C) Not very well
What’s your favourite way to travel?
  • A) Plane - it is quick & exciting
  • B) Train - it lets me take in the surroundings
  • C) Car - it is comfortable & fun
How do you pamper yourself on a holiday?
  • A) An adventurous holiday
  • B) Spa treatment
  • C) New gadgets
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