Trends to watch out for in 2016! For January 2016

White living room decor

The New Year is the best time for a new décor, we say, which is why we have put together this list for you to follow and pretty up your homes for 2016. Whether you're a fan of minimal, vintage, classic or art noveau, 2016 is all about transforming your home into a space that will reflect your own brand of style and personality. This year, it's all about 'You' and your own choices and how to incorporate this with old as well as new styles of décor.

Texturing and contrasting
Textures have the ability to lend warmth, colour and an emotional connect to any space. The objective of any room is to focus on creating depth and textures do this wonderfully and effortlessly, while contrasting them allows for an eye-catching play of light. There are a number of looks you can achieve with varying textures and contrasts. Use textures to add dimension to a space, this can be as simple as contrasting fabric trims, embroidered fabrics or just placing a rug as a statement piece on the floor or a wall.

Dramatic colours and materials
The 2016 palette reflects the colours on the avant garde runways, such as matte pink, peach, and shades of red. This goes astonishingly well with shades of darker hues of green and navy blue. The best thing about these colours is that they are rather unisex and can be mixed up in any room to have the desired effect. As for materials, this year they have replaced multi-coloured walls and accents; wallpapers are setting the scene on fire with their capacity to lend intricate designs to the wall, including scenery and geometric patterns.

Geometrical patterns and designs
Coming to geometric patterns, interior design in the recent past has been taken by storm by new age technology, like 3D printing, which has given rise to this new trend. Geometry inspired designs are all the rage, right from colourful prints, metal wall frames, wall decals to bed covers and throws. Geometry is also inspiring furniture, so watch out for amazing optical illusion tables and other upholstery.

Gold is the new black
Nothing makes a bolder statement than gold. Whether it is gold accents or the main theme of the room, gold never fails to impress. Gold when combined with neutral and darker shades gives an impression of opulence and vintage wealth. So do not be shy and bring on the gold elements! Besides the tried and tested accents and fixtures, also add in new styles of gold in lamps, cutlery, wall elements, mantle-pieces and furniture framework.

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