Clever Tips To Upgrade Your Home! For February 2022

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Set the mood with the right wall colour

If you spend hours drooling over beautiful living spaces on Instagram and Pinterest, you can shake things up in your home with a new wall colour.

Do a little exercise with us - Think inspiration words for home wall design that you want to achieve and the space you want to create. Few words you can start with are – refreshing and getaway, classy and sophisticated, relaxed and approachable. Depending on what you want, you can choose colours that evoke these feelings.

Cool tones are refreshing and serene while warm tones are welcoming and cosy. Once you decide the vibe you want in your living space, you can choose from a wide range of designer paint by Berger Paints India.

Define the room with a stylish accent rug

Patterned and textured rugs can make a stylish statement in any room you place it. It can be placed on any existing furniture to give it some depth and create a cosy effect.

Pick the right curtains for impact

If you wish to allow natural daylight to enter your home, you can opt for sheer curtains or adjustable binds or shutters.

Create a focal point

Focal points don’t have to be a fixed spot. They can be moveable pieces like a bench, a cabinet, a table or even a mirror. You can figure which is your focal piece by looking around your house and add anything that has the potential to be a conversation starter.

Arrange your furniture smartly

The key to spark conversation in your house is to arrange the furniture in such a way that people are really inspired to talk to each other and comfortable enough to relax and enjoy in between conversations. Have pieces of furniture close enough so that people don’t struggle to hear each other.

Add interesting architectural details

Add ceiling medallions to period light fixtures, built-in seats in home corners and upgrade some details like door knobs and door hinges. These are a few ways to enhance the room with special touches.

It is important to create a sense of balance. No one likes sparsely furnished spaces nor overly cluttered rooms. If your home doesn’t draw you in, it is time to set things right!

Hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful living space that you can call home in every sense of the word.


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