Which Hair Colour Would Suit You?


Take this quiz to find out what kind of hair colour might be right for you!

What is your self-care routine like?
  • A) Have a defined regimen
  • B) Consistent at times
  • C) Don’t follow one
How often do you wash your hair?
  • A) Everyday
  • B) Once in 2 days
  • C) Once a week
What is your hair colour history?
  • A) Coloured hair always
  • B) Highlights once in a while
  • C) Never coloured
Your personality can best be described as
  • A) Mix of introvert & extrovert
  • B) Centre of attraction
  • C) Blend-in kind
How much do you spend on hair care?
  • A) 5,000/- to 10,000 per month
  • B) 1,000/- to 5,000/- per month
  • C) Less than 1,000/- per month
How often do you change your hair cut?
  • A) Once in 2-3 months
  • B) Once a month
  • C) Once a year
Why do you love your hair?
  • A) It’s super healthy & strong.
  • B) It’s in trend.
  • C) It can be styled anyhow.
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