What's Your Home Office Design Style?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Ready to design your home office? Take our fun quiz and find out what home office design is right for you!

Pick your favourite colour.
  • A) Beige
  • B) Green
  • C) Blue
What do you like to do on the weekends?
  • A) Biking
  • B) Gardening
  • C) Cooking
Pick a place to live
  • A) New York
  • B) Paris
  • C) Australia
What do you like having for lunch?
  • A) Sandwich
  • B) Noodles
  • C) Rice
How often do you check your work mails?
  • A) Every 5 minutes
  • B) Every hour
  • C) I don’t check my mails!
What is your drink of choice?
  • A) Coffee
  • B) Tea
  • C) Lemon juice
What would you prefer to hang over the walls of your home office?
  • A) Motivational quote
  • B) A mix of modern art and still life
  • C) Quirky decals and stickers
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