Colour Your Way Through Life! For February 2016

Remember those amazing crayon boxes we revered as kids? Those 12 sticks would make us the happiest as we churned our imagination onto paper. But as we grew up, we left behind the magic colour sticks that had the ability to lift up our emotions. Those colouring books are now part of our nostalgia trunk. But what if we told you that there are adult colouring books now available for you to relive those fun days? Wouldn't you like to get your hands on it? We sure would.

Going by Amazon's sales numbers, colouring books for adults top the bestsellers list. And why not? Colouring as an activity is blissful and its joys should not be limited just to children. Colours help us express ourselves in the best possible way. Just like cooking, colouring can be therapeutic too. It's not just a fun way to unwind but it also helps us focus. Many of us have also tried our hand at children's colouring books as we are still unaware about the availability of adult colouring books. While this trend is quite a rage abroad, India is still catching up. Books like 'The Mindfulness Colouring Book' by Emma Farrarons are a hit globally.

So, the inventors of adult colouring books say that the idea is deeply rooted in nostalgia. They saw a potential in how colouring as an art form is simple and doable, even by the not-so-creative. Also, being a solitary activity, it hardly requires a lot of effort. As people who find it extremely difficult to sit in one place and concentrate on breathing, can pick up their favourite colours and start creating. Immersing yourself in one activity at a time is almost like forgetting everything else and meditating. Bankers, architects and analysts dealing with hard-core numbers all day can indulge in these colourful books to keep their creative side alive.

The popularity of these books is a trend that's here to stay. You can find many such books online and give it a try. Catching up on the trend, there are also apps offering adult colouring patterns. There is an entire range of subjects to paint – from illustrations to animal faces to motifs, take your pick and have fun. You can later use your artworks as calendars, print them as wall décor frames, and so much more, the list is endless. Get your hands on them and colour your way through life!

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